Out with the old, in with the new


During the year there have been changes and improvements to my beauty related knowledge and skills.

  • On one hand I’ve said enough to the thick foundations that look unnatural and cakey. I now prefer a lightweight base and if necessary to add some powder to increase coverage and spritz some Fix+ to give it a more natural finish.
  • Also, I have let my hair grow longer than it has been in the last 6 or 7 years. I have learnt how not to damage it unnecessarily: no hairdryer on regular days, dry shampoo to extend the time between washes, nourishing products in the shower and a bit of oil after towel-drying it, not to dye it as frequently (so I have had to change to a tone similar to mine).
  • I have been improving my blending skills, which has been helped immensely by the purchase of better tools.

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Favourites 2014

Favourite products 2014


So this is the almost compulsory feeling post that features all those products that I kept reaching for during 2014.

When you keep using a certain product it is because it performs well and you trust it to deliver good colour or to stay put for as  long as you are wearing it. Personaly, I love reading this type of posts as you can always find little treasures that you knew nothing about. So even though this blog is quite new, let me introduce you to my favourite products of 2014.

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New: hair ornaments

Have you already planned your new year’s eve look?

If you are like me and totally nul at anything hair related, you might want to consider some hair accessories as a way of sprucing up your look.

The cute option

Star-shaped bobby pins

You can do something easy with your hair and just add a bit of shine. Do you make a decent bun? Add some decorated bobby pins to the hairdo. Are your plates the stuff of legends? You might want to intersect some reflective strands.

My option is to either pull my hair in a neat ponytail or secure it in a bun and use these star shaped bobby pins. It is an easy solution and cheap as well. Plus you can use them again whenever you want.

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Bye bye: MAC Fabulousness collection travel brush kits

MAC Holiday 2012 travel brushes


At one point I thought that these travel brush kits were a good inversion; even if they were not of the same quality as the regular brushes, you still had the same shapes with shorter handles. Plus, how cute are these kits? A lot!

Well I stand corrected. I have brought these with me on some trips since I purchased them in December 2012, but they have been used more out of despair (no other tools available) than true enjoyment of the items.

These brushes are mass produced and it shows: some do not retain their shapes properly, some are scratchy, some have inaccurate shapes. In short; do not bother!

Perfectly Plush Brush Kit/Essential

MAC Perfectly Plush Brush Kit/Essential


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Comparison: MAC and Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizers

MAC Studio Moisturize Tint in Light and Medium Dark and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude


There are always times during the year when I really REALLY hate my skin. It feels like by the time I have finally figured a foundation and an application method, my skin will throw me in for a loop or the season will change or my hormones will go haywire… To summarize; I am ever adapting my base to my skin’s needs at that precise moment.

This summer it was suggested that I try a tinted moisturizer and so I embarked on a quest to find a good tinted moisturizer. I tried one by Kiko which was alright, though the shades were quite limited. At MAC I was given their Studio Moisturize Tint SPF15 (29.5€ for 40ml) in Medium Dark (!), and I have since bought Light to be able to mix them. I also had to try the well-known Tinted Moisturizer Oil-free SPF20 (48€ for 50ml) by Laura Mercier in Nude.

MAC Studio Moisturize Tint in Light and Medium Dark and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude


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Spotlight on: Kiko Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners

Kiko Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners

In this post I am featuring all the Kiko Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners (6.9€ for 4.5mL) that I own, which were released as part of the Life in Rio collection this summer.

With a recent purchase of one of the shades at a discounted price, I now own four of the six shades that were released, which are:

Kiko Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners

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New: Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Collection

Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Collection


Since I first had news of this Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Collection (100€) being launched in time for the Holidays, I have been not so secretly coveting it.

I am weak, oh so weak, so December 2014 shall enter the annals of this blog as the month when I went brush mad and not only purchased the Wayne Goss brushes from my previous post, but this set as well.

I was in the market for a concealer brush, so I headed to my local Laura Mercier retailer thinking about getting the Secret Camouflage one. They did not have it in stock, so I asked them to order it for me. While I was waiting I kept glancing at the brush set and even petting the blush brush.

I went home, thought about it, and since the set included the concealer brush that I wanted and I had read some fantastic reviews about it (here ) it seemed only logical to get the set (the lies we tell ourselves!).

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New: L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds


Let me introduce you to my latest fail when it comes to resisting a red lipstick, and I failed in a big way as I came home with the complete range of these beautiful bold lipsticks inspired by different actresses that are the L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds.

L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds

When I saw news online about the launch of these I thought I might grab one or two (like I did in past launches of the L’Oréal Exclusive range), but I simply could not resist the selection of colours, specially since many of them lean pink and I think those kinds of reds suit me better.

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Bye byes: Cargo eyeshadows

Cargo eyeshadows

I inherited these two Cargo eyeshadows from my mother. She bought them a few years ago on a trip (my mother was always quite trendy that way) and for a couple of years they have been residing in my drawers.

I must confess that this has been the first Cargo product that I have tried, and I have really liked the quality of the formula.

Cargo eyeshadows in Fiji and Cocoa beach

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New: Kiko Daring Game eyeshadow palette in 03 Elegant Ebony


This post features the other palette I bought from one of Kiko’s latest limited edition launches, the Daring Game collection, which was inspired by casinos.

This is the Queen of Shadows eyeshadow palette in 03 Elegant Ebony, a generally cool toned palette that, in this case too, is a very basic nude palette.

Kiko Daring Game collection, Queen of Hearts in 03 Elegant Ebony

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