Depot like you mean it: how I organized my blushes and eyeshadows


One of my recent resolutions when it comes to make up is to consolidate as much as possible. One way that I have found to do this is to depot anything and everything that I can so I can have the products more easily accessible.

I keep all my Z-palettes plus a few other odds and ends in these two Ikea cardboard folders. It is a cheap and convenient solution for storage. You could even write on them with a marker.

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MAC Pro Brush Canisters


If you love brushes, how to store them is the natural question that follows to the excitement that the arrival of a new brush induces.

Many a solution can be found around the net, many of them very pretty displays  that showcase them.

I did try the whole jar filled with rice, but the truth is that the rice attracted insects and that the brushes would quickly acumulate dust. I also kept my most valuable brushes in a brush roll, only to discover that some of them had had their shapes slightly deformed.

So while I waited for the ideal solution, I kept mine in the plastic containers that sugar sackets came in as a cheap, unbreakable and lightweight option.

I would surf the net and find wonderful storing options like displays and lined drawers in this forum, but I would moan my lack of storing space. Then I found this post and I found solutions that would work for me: keep the brushes dust free, not take up much space and do not risk flat sides by keeping them upright.


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How to: recycle chocolates’ containers to organize your make up drawers

Ferrero Rocher clear containers

I have previously mentioned that I am not very orthodox when it comes to organizing my drawers: I may use anything from cuttlery trays to all kinds of containers and baskets.

If I am honest, I have had my eye on some Muji trays for a long time, but shipping is crazily expensive in my country’s site, so I am hoarding Ferrero Rocher containers instead (pictured above)! And now with the holidays going on it is the perfect time to get your hands on some of them, so don’t throw those containers away!

Malm drawer, containers include boxes, baskets, all kinds of clear plastic containers and a metallic parfume set box

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