Review of the Orofluido range

Orofluido beauty elixir
Orofluido beauty elixir

Today I am reviewing the Orofluido original range of products, which encompasses the shampoo, the conditioner, the mask and the oil.

I had been loving using oils for a while before the Orofluido one entered my radar. I had been using drugstore ones or pure argan oil (too rich, let me tell you now) before, so I felt like giving it a try.

Sucker that I am, I fell for a mask and oil set and bought as well the shampoo and conditioner in XXL size. Why not, right?

Perhaps my mistake was giving it a sniff at the store. I love the scent of the range. To me it smells like oriental decadence, like vanilla and amber and spices and it makes me travel to a pampering session in a hammam. If I light up a Dyptique Amber candle before stepping into the shower, by the time I step out I am in olfactory heaven. Marvelous! However, my hair would not say the same.

Turns out that while I fell in love with the Orofluido Beauty Elixir, I didn’t feel anything special towards the Orofluido Conditioner and Orofluido Mask and I loathed the Orofluido Shampoo.

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