Project: decluttering my stash

I acknowledge that I have some quirks, and one of them is that when I get into something I HAVE to know/read/own everything related to the topic! So no surprises when I tell you that I have amassed quite a bit of make up in a few years.

However, a few months back I forced myself to step back and contemplate the situation: I was keeping products that I was not using for an hypothetical “what if” kind of situation, I had products that I had forgotten that I owned and I was acquiring variations of the same kind of shades while there were gaps in other kind of shades.

So since then I have been forcing myself to take several steps that should ensure that I get rid of what I don’t truly love and that I consolidate my stash:

  • Get rid of/finish any products you don’t love 100%
  • Get rid of any beauty accesories that you don’t love 100%
  • Depot any and all eyeshadows and blushes whose formula allows them to be depoted
  • Get rid of all/almost all of the eyeshadow palettes (you know you never reach for them!)
  • Invest in a few good quality skincare products instead of having many mediocre ones
  • Invest in good makeup formulas instead of the latest gimmicky launch
  • Focus on textures and formulas that you like and suit you (stop pretending that you are actually going to wear gloss!)
  • Create some kind of inventory system that allows you to know what you own so you can avoid being tempted by the next “shiny thing” which turns out to be a dupe of something you already own.
  • Keep track of your expenses and cut down on impulse buys

I’ll be adding the links to posts that showcase my steps toward these goals.

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