My first Nabla cosmetics purchase

Nabla cosmetics haul


A couple of months ago I went a bit crazy on Nabla cosmetics‘ website and this is the result.

If you don’t know who Nabla are, they are a small Italian makeup company that took the net by storm last year on this side of the Mediterranean.

Right now they offer different kinds of products: eye shadows, lipsticks, mascara, etc, but what really drew me in was the fact that the eye shadows could be bought as refills and the fact that they are 6,50€ each.

They are a cruelty free brand that aims to bring innovative and safe formulas to the consumers as part of their ethos. As such, you will not find many of the recurrent bad guys of the cosmetic world such as phtalates, parabens, edta, silicones, …

At the time of my purchase there was an offer going on, so I got the 12 pan palette for free when buying 12 shades. The palette can be found on their website at 10€.

I also received the translucent make up bag above, which retails for 2,90€ on their website.

Nabla Genesis collection


They have two eye shadow formulas, the standard one and one they call H2O eyeshadow, which they claim to be pigments pressed with water

As an introduction to the brand, I am going to review the four shades that I got from their Genesis collection.

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Mac is beauty eyeshadows and beauty powder

Mac Beauty powder in Alpha Girl and eye shadows in Bouffant and Wow Factor


While it is true that I sucumbed to the Fluidlines very quickly and with disastrous results (for my wallet), it is also true that I also grabbed a couple other things from the Mac is Beauty collection. Here are the powder products that came home with me.

Mac Beauty powder in Alpha Girl and eye shadows in Bouffant and Wow Factor

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My MAC purchases after the personal advice


As I mentioned in my previous post about Maite Tuset’s visit to our local MAC store, she recommended several products to me based on my skin type and features.

I opted for not purchasing any base products as either a) I already use them or b) I want to finish those at home first. So seeing that I already owned many of the products that she was suggesting, she opted for creating an eye look with all brand new products (to me!). She explained that defined eyes are coming back and proposed a beautiful smoky eye. And of course, I could not resist bringing them home!

MAC Bronze, Twinks, Earth sign and Deliciously rich

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Zoeva Mixed Metals

Zoeva Mixed Metals

I recently acquired the Zoeva Mixed Metals palette after seeing some good reviews by different bloggers.

The palette contains 10 bright metalic eyeshadows. Each pan contains 1.5g of product, which at 17.50€ for 15g of product  makes this palette a very interesting one.

Zoeva Mixed Metals

The palette contains a very interesting range of shadows, from more neutral ones to bright pops of colour like Copperplate.

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New: Make Up Store Cybershadows

IMG_0945 The Make Up Store’s Cybershadows featured today are eyeshadows with a metallic finish which are the same size as a MAC eyeshadow. In this case I brought home three that could be considered variations of gold and two in the purple family. IMG_0946   The first three shades are Venus, Gold and Sable. As with all MUS Cybershadows, they are the same size than a MAC eyeshadow and they contain 2g of product.

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New: Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Color Set

Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Color Set

I must confess that since falling madly in love with Kiko’s Long Lasting Eyeshadow sticks and seeing them compared to the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, I have been very very curious about them.

Earlier this year a new store carrying the Laura Mercier line opened in my town, and I had been struggling with the urge to try them until the Holiday sets were launched and I lost my inner battle!

Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Color Set

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Bye byes: Cargo eyeshadows

Cargo eyeshadows

I inherited these two Cargo eyeshadows from my mother. She bought them a few years ago on a trip (my mother was always quite trendy that way) and for a couple of years they have been residing in my drawers.

I must confess that this has been the first Cargo product that I have tried, and I have really liked the quality of the formula.

Cargo eyeshadows in Fiji and Cocoa beach

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New: Kiko Daring Game eyeshadow palette in 03 Elegant Ebony


This post features the other palette I bought from one of Kiko’s latest limited edition launches, the Daring Game collection, which was inspired by casinos.

This is the Queen of Shadows eyeshadow palette in 03 Elegant Ebony, a generally cool toned palette that, in this case too, is a very basic nude palette.

Kiko Daring Game collection, Queen of Hearts in 03 Elegant Ebony

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New: Kiko Daring Game Eyeshadow palette in 01Essential Brown


This autumn Kiko launched their Daring game collection, inspired by the world of casinos. It was a very sleek-looking collection and contained some fabulous palettes that included eyeshadow palettes and blush and bronzer palettes.

Among the many pretty things available I picked two of their Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palettes, 01 Essential Brown and 03 Elegant Ebony.

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