Kiko Milano: Best Friends Forever collection

Kiko Cosmetics Best Friends Forever collection

Kiko Milano has launched a cute as a button limited edition called Best Friends Forever just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As you could expect, this collection has plenty of reds and pinks and hearts to satisfy any cravings for them that you may have had.

The collection has quite a few items, including pencils, lipliners, face powders and mascara, which I did not pick. But let me tell you my opinion on the items that I did pick.

True Love Nailacquer in 03 Red Kiss

True Love Nail Lacquer in 03 Red Kiss: this nailpolish reminded me of the matt sugar ones that I enjoyed so much. It dries onto a matte sand texture but it has pink shimmer that reflects light.

True Love Nailacquer in 03 Red Kiss

In this swatch you can see how it is drying onto a grainy finish. I had applied two coats here and it still is a bit translucent.

Love Kiss Lipbalm

Love Kiss Lipbalm: this cute lipbalm comes in a tin container in the shape of heart. It is quite moisturising and has a strawberry scent. Very convenient to carry in your bag.

Endless Love Lipsticks

In my opinion, the best items in the collection were the lipsticks, the Endless Love Lipsticks. Look at that! The bullet is shaped as a heart!

The lipsticks come in sleek silver packaging, and the caps (which I forgot to take a photograph of, sorry) have a heart in the shade of the lipstick, which is quite handy if you don’t want to open them.

Candy Red and Passion Plum

I picked two of the shades:

01 Candy Red: is your typical cherry red. I love this kind of reds as they definitely stand out and are instantly glamorous. The formula has some shine and translucency to it, which I quite liked.

06 Passion Plum: this shade is a bit different as it is a plum with golden micro-shimmer. It is also very flattering.

Anything that picks your interest?

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