Celebrating my first 100 posts

Let’s celebrate!

Yes, join me in celebrating my 100th post on this blog.

If I am honest, when I started this blog I wasn’t even sure that I would get to 100 posts, but the truth is that this milestone has arrived sooner than I expected!

Seeing as 100 posts sounds like you should already know a bit what you are doing with this blogging business, I redid my category and tag system. When I had only a few posts it was easy to simply scroll down looking for that post that I had written on a certain topic, but as the numbers go up it is better to have your categories and tags sorted so that it is easier. You can check out how I sorted them in this page here.

Also, in order to help you if you want to join the decluttering project that I have permanently going on, you can check out both the original page here as well as the new pages I have added on How to depot…, Bye byes and Organization. Check them out as they contain links to useful posts!

What did you do to celebrate your first 100 posts?

2 thoughts on “Celebrating my first 100 posts

  1. Hello Tirurit,

    Congratulations!! This is quite an accomplishment. I really don’t think people fully understand how difficult and time consuming it is to run a blog.

    Personally, I don’t celebrate any blogging anniversary, I take it one day at a time, otherwise I get really overwhelmed with the “what will I write about this week” syndrome.



    1. Indeed, I bet that the majority of people were not really aware of what they were signing up for!

      And thank you! Personally I tend to write down ideas in a notebook so I always have something there just in case 😉


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