Chanel Camélia de Plumes Highlighting Powder

Chanel Camélia de Plumes Highlighting Powder

Here is a product that I had been coveting since it was launched this winter and that I finally succumbed to.

Not only is the Chanel Camélia de Plumes Highlighting Powder a gorgeous thing to look at, but it also was an unusual highlighting shade for me as I tend to go for the more golden tones, so I simply welcomed it into my stash.

Chanel Camélia de Plumes Highlighting Powder

The compact comes in a velvet pouch and that also contains a slanted brush. The compact is your traditional black background with the Chanel logo in white.

The embossed motif is really beautiful and detailed and it works very well with the name of the powder.

The powder itself is very pale and pigmented. It appears to be a cold toned reflective powder, composed of a white base that reflects silver. But the truth is that it is a bit of a chameleon and once it is blended it can look a mixture of silver and gold. Chanel describe this powder as platinum.

Chanel Camélia de Plumes Highlighting Powder


What I love about the formula is the very fine texture. Although it is very pigmented it is easily applied and blended out to achieve a gorgeous sheen on the skin. There is no ashy of chalky effect with this. There are no obvious shimmer particles either which makes it very elegant and not at all frosty.

What about you? What do you like in a highlighter?

4 thoughts on “Chanel Camélia de Plumes Highlighting Powder

  1. Haha hurrah for giving in! I’m surprise you can still find it! I assume it was sold out very fast 🙂 I am very partial to Chanel highlighters. My favorite has to be Dentelle Precieuse, but I can see how it’s too warm for some skin tones 🙂


    1. In this corner of the world there aren’t that many people interested in make up collections, so it is possible to find LE items a couple months after being launched. Better for me!


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