The eyebrow job

Eyebrow shaping tools

Learning how to frame your eyes in the most flattering way is no easy feat.

Many among us may have committed all kinds of crimes against the eyebrow; from overtweezing to tadpole shapes to insisting on a line that is not natural to you.

Fortunately, with time and practice one finds what best suits ones features. You simply use a spoolie and some scissors to cut long hairs and some tweezers to get rid of the ones that grow outside your shape. And once peace has been signed with what mother nature provided, we want to help our eyebrows to look their best.

The first type of product that I ever used was a pencil. Initially I was really reluctant to follow the advice I had been given and give my too short eyebrows a little tail with a brown eye pencil.

I ended liking the effect and fortunately I found more appropriate shades than dark brown and more appropriate formulas as well.

Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil in 03

These days I am using Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil in 03 (5,90€) which is a medium brown shade that leans a bit warm. It is perfect to harmonize my black eyebrows with my dark brown hair.

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Depot like you mean it: how I organized my blushes and eyeshadows


One of my recent resolutions when it comes to make up is to consolidate as much as possible. One way that I have found to do this is to depot anything and everything that I can so I can have the products more easily accessible.

I keep all my Z-palettes plus a few other odds and ends in these two Ikea cardboard folders. It is a cheap and convenient solution for storage. You could even write on them with a marker.

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MAC Pro blushes in Rhubarb and Coppertone and Sculpt Powder

MAC Coppertone, Rhubarb and Sculpt

This second post on my recent epic haul contains the face powders I got at the MAC Pro Store.

In general, the shades exclusive to the Pro stores are brighter or less common than those found in normal stores or counters, so I definitely took advantage of the chance to check them out in person!


MAC Coppertone, Rhubarb and Sculpt

I came back home with two gorgeous Blushes, Rhubarb and Coppertone, and one the Sculpting Powder in Sculpt.

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Bye bye: various brushes and 28 neutral palette


For some time now I have been decluttering my stash of lower quality products, those that did not work for me or simply those that for any reason I did not reach for.

In the case of the ones featured in this post, we could consider them my training wheels, as I am putting aside to give away or throw away some brushes that I bought when I first started and a cheap basic palette that has allowed me to play with different colours without breaking the bank.


Kiko has some decent brushes and at affordable prices. They have both permanent and limited edition brushes, which are worth a look if you are in the market for basic brushes (specially if you take advantage of the frequent sales).

Above are pictured the face 102 brush and two limited edition brushes. The powder brush is quite dense, works well to blend powder on the face but is scratchy. I have found nicer substitutes to this one.

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How to depot: Make Up Store Microshadows and Cybershadows

Scissors, nail clipper, knife, tea candle, lighter, eyeshadows and cardboard

When I started depoting all of my powder products, the first thing I did was run to youtube for some good depoting tutorials. There are plenty of MAC tutorials, but at the time I did not find a single tutorial for Make Up Store eyeshadows!

I didn’t give up though, and I discovered that the brand is in fact the easiest to depot that I have encountered to date! After figuring out how to depot them, I currently have all my MUS eyeshadows and blushes in Z-palettes.

So, I thought that as I had a few MUS Microshadows and Cybershadows to depot, I could photography the steps so that others could too depot theirs. The eyeshadow featured is a Microshadow, but as Cybershadows have the same pots only smaller sized, the same method can be used with those.

Necessary items

  • Eyeshadows
  • Tea candle and lighter
  • Knife, preferably one that you do not use to cook
  • Nail clipper, useful if you need to cut through the plastic casing or to use as thongs if the plastic casing becomes too hot while you hold it over the candle
  • Scissors, to cut the labels
  • Cardboard, as a working surface. It helps you keep your desk clean and cushions the impact if an eyeshadow slips and falls
  • Paper tissues, I use them to protect my fingers from the heat (forgot to include it in the picture above!)

First of all, I prefer the heat method, specifically the tea candle method, so keep in mind that you are working with fire and a sharp object (knife) and that when melting the plastic can emit fumes. To summarize take all necessary precautions.

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New: Make Up Store Cybershadows

IMG_0945 The Make Up Store’s Cybershadows featured today are eyeshadows with a metallic finish which are the same size as a MAC eyeshadow. In this case I brought home three that could be considered variations of gold and two in the purple family. IMG_0946   The first three shades are Venus, Gold and Sable. As with all MUS Cybershadows, they are the same size than a MAC eyeshadow and they contain 2g of product.

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Favourites 2014

Favourite products 2014


So this is the almost compulsory feeling post that features all those products that I kept reaching for during 2014.

When you keep using a certain product it is because it performs well and you trust it to deliver good colour or to stay put for as  long as you are wearing it. Personaly, I love reading this type of posts as you can always find little treasures that you knew nothing about. So even though this blog is quite new, let me introduce you to my favourite products of 2014.

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