MAC Faerie Whispers: Spelldazzling, Cheek Pollen and A Sprinkle of Magic

MAC Faerie Whispers haul

In my recent visit to the local MAC store I simply could not resist the beautiful Faerie Whispers collection, so here I am sharing my thoughts and some images of some of the products that I picked up.

The MAC Faerie Whispers collection had quite a few products in it, featuring many neutral shades and shimmery formulas. All in all, very flattering although perhaps quite dupable as well.

I don’t usually pay much attention to the nail polishes by MAC, but could you have resisted this one? (If you did, then you are stronger than me!).

MAC Spelldazzling nail polish

I have a weakness for top coats, and this is how I am mostly planning to use Spelldazzling. It is not opaque, but consists instead of a translucent base and tones of shimmer, so I think it will look fantastic on top of other nail polishes or it could also look quite cool on its own.

MAC Spelldazzling nail polish

MAC lists Spelldazzling as being rose gold with pearl, but to me it looks more coppery or bronze instead. As you can see on the out of focus swatch, the base is very clear and hardly adds any colour.

MAC Cheek Pollen and A Sprinkle of Magic

Here you can see the blush and the lipstick that I picked.

Cheek pollen is supposed to be a warm nude satin finish blush. However, I am not entirely sure if I would call it nude as it leans quite orangey. It is true though that once blended it looks truly flattering and much more subtle than I thought. You can see below both a swatch directly with my finger and an application of the powder with the new MAC 133 brush (which I love and will be blogging about soon!).

On the other hand, in the case of the lipstick that I picked up, I must say that I went a bit out of my usual comfort zone.

MAC Cheek Pollen and A Sprinkle of Magic

A Sprinkle of Magic is a frost formula, which I don’t tend to favour and a nude on top of that. MAC describes it as a dirty orange nude (there is a theme here, right?!), but on me it looks slightly corally, which is a very nice change for me. Also the frost is not that overpowering, it is more of gold shimmer, which is a good thing since I feel weird with frosty nude lips. No such compulsions about a frosty red, like the Viva Glam Rihanna, but for some reason I am not sold on the frosty nudes.

Did you pick up anything?

9 thoughts on “MAC Faerie Whispers: Spelldazzling, Cheek Pollen and A Sprinkle of Magic

    1. Oh yeah, I admit that some shades were not so unique, however, I am enjoying playing with them 😉

      On the other hand, what truly stole my heart was the new cheek brush ❤


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