Chanel Rouge Noir Holiday 2015 collection

Chanel Rouge Noir collection
Chanel Rouge Noir collection

I really loved the theme of the Chanel Holiday 2015 Rouge Noir collection: sparkly, gold and vampy. It was a slight twist on the usual red and gold theme that comes back every Christmas, and I couldn’t be more happy to have been able to browse it.

I was so tempted that I bought a few items, which are pictured above: the three nail polishes and the pencil liner. I was also very tempted by the cream eyeshadow and the lipsticks, but in the end I tried to be a good girl and not pillage the shop like a viking looking for bounty!

Chanel Or Saffron

Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer in Or Saffron is quite a mouthfull for what is basically a gold eye liner.

I really like how nicely put this pencil is, with two caps, one which hides the pencil itself while the other hides a smudging rubber tool. There is also a pencil sharpener in the box, which is also quite handy.

Chanel Or Saffron

The pencil itself is a very yellow gold that glides on smoothly when applying. The texture is really nice and feels comfortable to wear.

Chanel Rose Fusion, Rouge Noir, Lame Rouge Noir

Pictured above you have the three nailpolishes in this collection: Rose Fusion, Rouge Noir and a top coat called Lame Rouge Noir.

These are actually my first Le Vernis Nail Colour acquisitions and I am really enjoying the shades that I picked and the quality of the product as well.

Chanel Rose Fusion, Rouge Noir, Lame Rouge Noir

Rose Fusion is a gorgeous metallic nailpolish that is quite tricky to describe. They allude to pink in its name, but to me it looks more silvery and lavender. I am really liking metallic nailpolishes lately, so this was a fun shade to add to the collection.

Rouge Noir is a well known permanent shade in the Chanel range. It is supposed to be a black red, but to me it reminds me of juicy and ripe cherries. I really like how it has some translucency and it reflects light.

Chanel Lame Rouge Noir over Rouge Noir

Lame Rouge Noir is very nice top coat that can add some fun to other shades as it adds bits of irregularly shaped gold on top. On its own it is barely noticeable, but applied on top of a darker shade like Rouge Noir it really adds complexity to your nails.

So, did you pick anything from this collection?

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