Hello from the other side

Life is what happens when you’re making other plans

Hi to those who are still hanging in there, and thank you from this side of the screen for your patience.

The quote above could not be more appropriate if I tried! Since last summer my life has changed a bit, including a brief moment when I had two jobs and I studied as well. Yeah, that is the big change in my life: I went back to uni! Perhaps it was due to the fact that celebrating my 30th anniversary felt odd (me? 30? are you sure?!), but I decided to finally tackle on those translation studies that I had been dreaming of. So yeah, in a few years I will officially be a translator. How cool is that?

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Celebrating my first 100 posts

Let’s celebrate!

Yes, join me in celebrating my 100th post on this blog.

If I am honest, when I started this blog I wasn’t even sure that I would get to 100 posts, but the truth is that this milestone has arrived sooner than I expected!

Seeing as 100 posts sounds like you should already know a bit what you are doing with this blogging business, I redid my category and tag system. When I had only a few posts it was easy to simply scroll down looking for that post that I had written on a certain topic, but as the numbers go up it is better to have your categories and tags sorted so that it is easier. You can check out how I sorted them in this page here.

Also, in order to help you if you want to join the decluttering project that I have permanently going on, you can check out both the original page here as well as the new pages I have added on How to depot…, Bye byes and Organization. Check them out as they contain links to useful posts!

What did you do to celebrate your first 100 posts?

Back in business


First of all I must apologize.

My goals when I started this blog were to blog about things I used myself, to be truthful and to be regular. But like with all good intentions, they went the way of the dodo when faced with unexpected complications.  That was a big disappointment on my part, and it has been a bit of a struggle to get back onto this horse.

I am now asking you, dear readers, to give me another chance. I am going to be posting every other day now, as I have already started my second job, but I promise that I have been stashing quite a few things that have entered my home but that I have yet to try waiting for the chance to share them with you. There are a couple trips to MAC, a treasured Dior item, some indie make up and more. So no worries as for lack of inspiration!

I am going to be playing catch up, so I might be commenting on some of your old posts as well!


Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome.

Welcome to my little corner of the net.

There are many out there that have preceded me, but nevertheless, I think it is never late to join the community and contribute to it.

I have been a long time reader of beauty blogs and in fact it is because of them that I rediscovered my love for make up. There is no time limit to start playing with different products until you find what works for you and you develop your preferences.

As most of the blogs that I thank for inspiring me are written in English, I too will join the English-speaking community despite it not being my native language.

So without further ado, this is the short introduction to my blog and my opinions on the different products that I use.