Tags and categories

You could say that my science background left me with a love for categorising and sorting. It would be no surprise then that I created my own categories and tags system to facilitate the browsing and reading of the blog.


  • Admin: all posts related to the running of the blog
  • Reviews: the review category has 4 different labels:
    • New, for newly acquired products
    • Follow up, for a revision on my initial thoughts on a product
    • Repurchased, for items that I enjoyed and am repurchasing
    • Disappointments, for those products that did not deliver as expected.
    • Empties, a post containing my thoughts after having finished a product.
  • Bye Byes, for products in my stash that do not work for me
  • Organization, for posts related to how I organize my stash
  • Decluttering, for posts related to my ongoing project to declutter my stash


As for the tags, it would be a very long list if I tried to list them all. What I have done is sort them according to topic so you can use the search function at the top right of the blog:

  • Skincare and other cosmetics tags always start with the word Skincare. They include face, body and hair products.
  • Haircare items’ tags always start with the word Haircare.
  • Make up products, make up inspiration, tips (including depotting) and tricks are all listed with the words Make Up at the beginning.
  • All the brands that appear in the blog as well as posts detailing my thoughts after appointments showcasing new trends can be found as tags beginning with the word Brand.
  • For the different limited edition launches and collections look for tags beginning with Collection.
  • For posts belonging to the same haul look for tags beginning with Haul
  • For posts on my favourites of a certain period look for tags beginning with Favourites
  • For periodical posts like my Sunday Summary look for tags beginning with Weekly Post
  • And as a random box where you can read about hair accessories or jewlery look for tags starting with Other.

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