MAC Pro brush 205

MAC brush 205



In my recent visit to the MAC Pro Store I grabbed one of the Pro brushes that I had been curious for a while. The MAC brush 205 is a small synthetic fan brush that is intended to be used to apply mascara.



MAC brush 205



As you can see above, there are two lenghts of bristles, and to me the short ones feel stiffer than the long ones.

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Nuxe Rêve de Miel

Nuxe Rêve de Miel


If I am honest, when I kept seeing posts praising the powers of the Nuxe Rêve de Miel balm I was a bit skeptical. Could a balm really be that good?

Then I spotted it in my local chemist’s and I could not resist the temptation. There was some kind of 20 anniversary edition thing going on, but I grabbed the one that seemed to be the original formula.



Nuxe Rêve de Miel

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How to depot the Zoeva Mixed Metals palette


In my never ending quest to have all my eyeshadows in free-form palettes, it  didn’t take me long after this palette first arrived to figure out that it would actually be very easy to depot.

As the pans, the same size than a regular MAC eyeshadow, are actually in a cardboard palette, you do not need many tools or complicated instructions, just some scissors and some spare time.

First step: detach the cardboard casing




The pans are glued to a cardboard casing. This casing is glued in turn to a rigider cardboard casing that constitutes the lid.

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It is a question of bows




Here is my little bow collection for you to peruse.

The fact is that I started growing my hair two years ago after several years of having it really really short. I think there were times when it did not even qualify as a pixie cut so you get the idea.

Now, growing your hair is a pain in the a***! There are all kinds of intermediate states were hair is difficult to tame and is not long enough to put in a ponytail.

Then is when my bow collection started! I simply needed something nicer than having 20 bobby pins on my head.

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Kiko Luxurious collection Supreme Eyeshadows


Here are three of the four gorgeous Supreme eyeshadows that Kiko released with their Luxurious collection this past fall.




The eyeshadows come in pretty clear plastic jars with golden screw tops. This makes them ideal to carry on trips as they do not weight much.

The formula of these eyeshadows is a bouncy shimmery cream that becomes a smooth powder upon application. To some, they remind them of the Diorshow Fusion Mono eyeshadows.

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MAC Pro blushes in Rhubarb and Coppertone and Sculpt Powder

MAC Coppertone, Rhubarb and Sculpt

This second post on my recent epic haul contains the face powders I got at the MAC Pro Store.

In general, the shades exclusive to the Pro stores are brighter or less common than those found in normal stores or counters, so I definitely took advantage of the chance to check them out in person!


MAC Coppertone, Rhubarb and Sculpt

I came back home with two gorgeous Blushes, Rhubarb and Coppertone, and one the Sculpting Powder in Sculpt.

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Bye bye: various brushes and 28 neutral palette


For some time now I have been decluttering my stash of lower quality products, those that did not work for me or simply those that for any reason I did not reach for.

In the case of the ones featured in this post, we could consider them my training wheels, as I am putting aside to give away or throw away some brushes that I bought when I first started and a cheap basic palette that has allowed me to play with different colours without breaking the bank.


Kiko has some decent brushes and at affordable prices. They have both permanent and limited edition brushes, which are worth a look if you are in the market for basic brushes (specially if you take advantage of the frequent sales).

Above are pictured the face 102 brush and two limited edition brushes. The powder brush is quite dense, works well to blend powder on the face but is scratchy. I have found nicer substitutes to this one.

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Zoeva Mixed Metals

Zoeva Mixed Metals

I recently acquired the Zoeva Mixed Metals palette after seeing some good reviews by different bloggers.

The palette contains 10 bright metalic eyeshadows. Each pan contains 1.5g of product, which at 17.50€ for 15g of product  makes this palette a very interesting one.

Zoeva Mixed Metals

The palette contains a very interesting range of shadows, from more neutral ones to bright pops of colour like Copperplate.

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My experience with cosmetic acids so far


One would think that as much as I’ve been into make up these last few years I would have also really gotten into skincare. Afterall, one needs a good canvas to build on, don’t we?

Well, the fact is that that logical and obvious truth didn’t really get into my head until recently, and I have just begun trying different ingredients that I had not tried before. Some of those ingredients are cosmetic acids.

Many might be familiar with acronyms like AHA and BHA but to me it all looked gibberish for a long time. Finally, I pulled up my sleeves, did some online research and jumped into the pool.

The first product that I tried was the limited edition Kiko Intense Peel (currently on sale at aprox 10€). This product is presented as individual wipes wraped in foil. Each packet contains one exfoliating wipe soaked in glycolic, mandelic, citric, malic, lactic and salycilic acids while the second wipe is soaked in some kind of solution that is suposed to “stop the action of the AHAs and BHAs” and “calm” the skin.

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MAC Pro Brush Canisters


If you love brushes, how to store them is the natural question that follows to the excitement that the arrival of a new brush induces.

Many a solution can be found around the net, many of them very pretty displays  that showcase them.

I did try the whole jar filled with rice, but the truth is that the rice attracted insects and that the brushes would quickly acumulate dust. I also kept my most valuable brushes in a brush roll, only to discover that some of them had had their shapes slightly deformed.

So while I waited for the ideal solution, I kept mine in the plastic containers that sugar sackets came in as a cheap, unbreakable and lightweight option.

I would surf the net and find wonderful storing options like displays and lined drawers in this forum, but I would moan my lack of storing space. Then I found this post and I found solutions that would work for me: keep the brushes dust free, not take up much space and do not risk flat sides by keeping them upright.


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