MAC Pro Brush Canisters


If you love brushes, how to store them is the natural question that follows to the excitement that the arrival of a new brush induces.

Many a solution can be found around the net, many of them very pretty displays  that showcase them.

I did try the whole jar filled with rice, but the truth is that the rice attracted insects and that the brushes would quickly acumulate dust. I also kept my most valuable brushes in a brush roll, only to discover that some of them had had their shapes slightly deformed.

So while I waited for the ideal solution, I kept mine in the plastic containers that sugar sackets came in as a cheap, unbreakable and lightweight option.

I would surf the net and find wonderful storing options like displays and lined drawers in this forum, but I would moan my lack of storing space. Then I found this post and I found solutions that would work for me: keep the brushes dust free, not take up much space and do not risk flat sides by keeping them upright.


So, the first chance I got to go to a MAC Pro store I asked for their Brush Canisters. I had been told by the girls at my store that they are perpetualy out of stock, so I didn’t have much hope. But it seemed that it was my lucky day because they had just received a shipment!


I bought two of their big canisters and one of the small ones. These are telescopic canisters, which you can adapt to the height of your brushes, and the only difference is the diameter of them.

The big canister is 7.5x16cm (24€) while the small canister is 6x16cm (19€).

As soon as I got home I took my clean brushes and went to work.


I have stashed my blush brushes, fan brushes and my contour brushes in one of the big ones.


On the other big cannister I am keeping my powder brushes and foundation brushes.


On the small one I managed to fit all of my clean eye brushes.

However, I have over a dozen brushes waiting to be cleaned, plus my duo-fiber brushes and my Wayne Goss and Laura Mercier brushes that already have their own containers. All in all, it looks like I could do with a couple more cannisters if I ever get the chance!

10 thoughts on “MAC Pro Brush Canisters

  1. Ahh that MAC holder looks amazing. I’ve been struggling as well, it can be a right nightmare. The only thing with me is I have some really short brushes and I can see myself sticking my fingers in trying to get it out!


  2. You have a nice brush collection there, missy! I never even knew MAC makes something like that! This is totally new to me 🙂 I store most of my brushes in a brush roll, and some of the frequently-used ones that don’t have to be washed after each use (a blush brush for example) in an empty candle jar for easier access. I’ve heard that some people fill their brush containers with marbles. That sounds more sanitary and practical than rice for sure!


    1. For me it is the ideal solution as they are dust free, their shapes are not damaged AND it does not take much space!

      If you are interested, in the post linked above, the blogger reviews three different types of containers


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