Les Mini de Chanel: Holiday 2015 travel brushes set

Les Mini de Chanel

How I came to own this travel brush set is amusing, as I actually bought it on my return journey after I spent a month abroad. I did not get to enjoy the Les Mini de Chanel Travel Brush Set while travelling, but as soon as I saw it on that airport shop I knew that it was a pretty nice set to add to my collection and that it would be really useful in the future.

The first thing that I noticed was that some of the brushes had shapes that one does not see that often in travel sets and that they would nicely complement my Laura Mercier Travel set. I also noticed that these brushes are really small, even for travel brushes, and that they have really soft bristles.

The set has five brushes, of which two are face brushes and three are eye brushes. It came in a a round mesh black toiletries bag which also contained a round mirror (both not pictured here).

Chanel Powder brush and Face Contour brush

The biggest brush is the Powder Brush, which, next to my Laura Mercier Travel Cheek Color brush looks positively dainty. However, it is a fuller brush with slightly longer bristles and has the paddle shape that I actually prefer, so I think it will actually work really nice as a powder brush while travelling.

Then we have the Face Contour Brush, which is a round tapered brush that is actually really close to my Wayne Goss 02 brush. I might use it to do minimal contouring, but what I think it will be brilliant at is at applying highlighter!

Chanel Eyeshadow brush

The third brush is the Eyeshadow Brush, which is a big, flat, stiff and paddle shapped brush. I might use it to lay eyeshadow, but when I saw it it reminded me of a big smudge brush like the small Laura Mercier Travel Smudge brush pictured above or even of the Mac 215 brush that was launched to apply pressed pigments. It turns out that it is very close to that Mac 215!

Chanel Smudge brush

The fourth brush, called the Smudge Brush, is actually the tiniest blending brush that I have ever encountered. If you thought that the Mac 221 was small, see how it looks big next to the Chanel brush! You get the same impression if you compare it to the Laura Mercier Travel Ponytail brush or the Wayne Goss 05.

Chanel Small Angled Shadow brush

Finally, the fifth brush is the Small Angled Shadow Brush, which will be really handy to smudge eyeliner, apply powder eyeshadow or do your brows. I did not have any travel sized angled brushes and the closest thing that I had was the Laura Mercier Travel Flat Eyeliner brush.

Do you own any travel brushes? Would you buy any?

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