MAC Pro brush 205

MAC brush 205



In my recent visit to the MAC Pro Store I grabbed one of the Pro brushes that I had been curious for a while. The MAC brush 205 is a small synthetic fan brush that is intended to be used to apply mascara.



MAC brush 205



As you can see above, there are two lenghts of bristles, and to me the short ones feel stiffer than the long ones.

I have tried this brush and I must say that I was happily surprised by it! I loaded some mascara on the brush by brushing it against a mascara wand and proceeded to brush my lashes with it. The result is very nice and natural looking lashes with no clumps  at all and using much less product that you normaly would.

The brush really manages to reach between all the lashes and coats them individually, so it is great for achiving a lengthening and separating effect.

Not a must have, but I am definitely happy to be able to play with this new toy!

9 thoughts on “MAC Pro brush 205

  1. This brush looks so cute! 🙂 I love a natural yet defined lash look and I have a feeling this does that right? Might try it out at their store.. also, so you get them only at Pro Stores?


    1. Personally I dislike clumpy lashes so this was just up my alley! It gives more definition and separates them. Not sure that those with short or sparse lashes would like it though.

      Yep, it is a pro product. In the US you can get pro products online, not here, so I am not sure how different countries operate


  2. I’ve seen this and I’ve always been very curious about it! I think it’s something professional makeup artists will find a lot of use for. I am personally too lazy haha Glad to hear you like it!


    1. Well, it definitely is not an every day tool, but it is nice for when you want to your lashes to look your lashes but better? More lenght, separated and no clumps


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