Zoeva Mixed Metals

Zoeva Mixed Metals

I recently acquired the Zoeva Mixed Metals palette after seeing some good reviews by different bloggers.

The palette contains 10 bright metalic eyeshadows. Each pan contains 1.5g of product, which at 17.50€ for 15g of product  makes this palette a very interesting one.

Zoeva Mixed Metals

The palette contains a very interesting range of shadows, from more neutral ones to bright pops of colour like Copperplate.

I really like to pair them with neutral matte eyeshadows or to use them on top of other eyeshadows as an extra something. However, I have found that even with a primer underneath, there is some fading as the hours go by.

Zoeva Mixed Metals

The colours on the first row are:

  • Alloy: a mauvey taupe
  • Neo Brass: an antique gold that leans green
  • Bronce: a golden olive
  • Rusty Steel: a warm redish bronze
  • Copperplate: a bright redish copper
Zoeva Mixed Metals

The second row contains:

  • Warm silver: a light pinkish tone
  • Platinum: a grey that leans silver
  • Ore Stone: a beautiful muted deep blue
  • Aluminum: a deep grey silver
  • Onyx: this black is the only matte eyeshadow in the palette.

All in all, I think that it is a very good purchase to experiment with out of the ordinary shades. However, if you have oily lids and experience fading, it would be better to look for better quality dupes.

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