It is a question of bows




Here is my little bow collection for you to peruse.

The fact is that I started growing my hair two years ago after several years of having it really really short. I think there were times when it did not even qualify as a pixie cut so you get the idea.

Now, growing your hair is a pain in the a***! There are all kinds of intermediate states were hair is difficult to tame and is not long enough to put in a ponytail.

Then is when my bow collection started! I simply needed something nicer than having 20 bobby pins on my head.


The smaller bows above have all clips on the backside, so they became my go to way of getting those annoying hairs out of my face for work.

In one of my two jobs I wear a blue based uniform, so you can see why I chose those particular colours.

The bigger bows in the first picture are all bows that hide hair clasps. When my hair was finally long enough that I could secure half of it, I graduated onto hair clasps. And those are cute!

What about you, are you growing your hair? What is your favourite hair accessory?




7 thoughts on “It is a question of bows

  1. Haha I don’t think I have a bow! I did almost buy one a while ago, but I never really wear anything in my hair so I didn’t! My hair has been long for the past 12 years, so that was the last time I had to grow my hair out. Shorter hair is actually higher-maintenance, so I think I’ll keep mine long for another while 🙂


    1. Well, shorter hair was actually quite great for peole with nule styling skills like me! You just had to comb it in the morning, add some wax if you were feeling fancy and ta dah!

      A month ago I had my first hair tangle after 6 or so years and I almost celebrated! XD


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