Kiko Luxurious collection Supreme Eyeshadows


Here are three of the four gorgeous Supreme eyeshadows that Kiko released with their Luxurious collection this past fall.




The eyeshadows come in pretty clear plastic jars with golden screw tops. This makes them ideal to carry on trips as they do not weight much.

The formula of these eyeshadows is a bouncy shimmery cream that becomes a smooth powder upon application. To some, they remind them of the Diorshow Fusion Mono eyeshadows.

This formula seems best suited for thin layers or all over washes of colour. You can also build a couple of thin layers of the eyeshadow to get more intensity.

I don’t know about the Dior eyeshadows, but on my oily lids these need a primer so they do not crease (as any eyeshadow does, really).




The colours I chose were the beige, the purple and the green, while I did not pick 04 Gorgeous Anthracite as it looked like other shadows that I already have.





  • 01 Posh Crystal Rose: as you can see above, this shade almost blends in with my own skin tone. It is perfect for a wash of barely there colour or to give some light to specific points.
  • 02 Rich Gray Amethyst: it is indeed a shimmery purple that leans grey.
  • 03 Exquisite Jasper Green: to me it looks more of a golden olive green.

The best news is that while these retailed for 11€ each (3g of product), if there are some still left at your store you can now buy them at half the price! Are you picking any of them?

6 thoughts on “Kiko Luxurious collection Supreme Eyeshadows

  1. Oh my, you’ve got some really beautiful shades there! These do look like Diorshow Fusion Monos, and by definition Chanel Illusion d’Ombres. I always wear a primer as well, so it’s no biggie that I need one for these not to crease! The shades are SO yum!


    1. Not sure if you have a Kiko nearby, but as they are now at half the price I would recommend checking them out!

      I hope they release some more colours in upcoming collections


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