Depot like you mean it: how I organized my blushes and eyeshadows


One of my recent resolutions when it comes to make up is to consolidate as much as possible. One way that I have found to do this is to depot anything and everything that I can so I can have the products more easily accessible.

I keep all my Z-palettes plus a few other odds and ends in these two Ikea cardboard folders. It is a cheap and convenient solution for storage. You could even write on them with a marker.



MAC’s Mineralize products (second palette in the picture above) are said to be more fragile than the regular powder products. For starters, they are baked onto a terracotta pan instead of in a metal pan.

However, in my experience so far, they are very easy to depot and if you keep them in a free form palette that is deeper than the regular ones you do not have any trouble when closing it.

In the first Z-palette in the picture above you can see my MAC blushes. Most of them I have bought in pan form to avoid having to depot them. Don’t you love seeing all the colours one next the other?



Above you can see more of my blushes, in this case my Make Up Store and Sleek depoted blushes.

Both brands offer a wide range of shades and at very interesting prices.

You can check my post on how to depot MUS products here and how to depot Sleek Blush by 3 blushes here.


Above you have most of my Make Up Store Microshadows (depoting tutorial here).

The interesting thing about Make Up Store is the wide range of shades that they have, with many interesting and unusual colours, and the bigger size of the pans.




Above you can see both my palettes that contain my smaller sized eyeshadows.

In the MAC palette I only have MAC neutral eyeshadows bought in pan form while in the Z-palette I have a mixture of MAC eyeshadows and Make Up Store Cybershadows (depot tutorial here) and Zoeva eyeshadows (depot tutorial here).

So what about you; do you depot? How do you organize your make up?

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