Spotlight on: Kiko Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners

Kiko Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners

In this post I am featuring all the Kiko Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners (6.9€ for 4.5mL) that I own, which were released as part of the Life in Rio collection this summer.

With a recent purchase of one of the shades at a discounted price, I now own four of the six shades that were released, which are:

Kiko Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners

  • 01 Golden Topaz, which is a metallic gold eyeliner
  • 03 River Turquoise, which is a gorgeous metallic aqua/teal eyeliner
  • 04 Sugarloaf Blue, which is a metallic dark blue eyeliner
  • 05 Piranha Purple, which is a metallic fuchsia eyeliner

All the colours apply smoothly and dry to a shiny/metallic finish. And yes, they ARE waterproof (check out my previous post).

I love the formula, the staying power, the colours and the price, so I really hope that Kiko will launch some more shades in an upcoming collection.

What about you? Do you wear coloured eyeliner?

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