Bye byes: Cargo eyeshadows

Cargo eyeshadows

I inherited these two Cargo eyeshadows from my mother. She bought them a few years ago on a trip (my mother was always quite trendy that way) and for a couple of years they have been residing in my drawers.

I must confess that this has been the first Cargo product that I have tried, and I have really liked the quality of the formula.

Cargo eyeshadows in Fiji and Cocoa beach

Unfortunately, as with previous items, the fact that you cannot see the colour without opening the tins means that I forgot about them and did not reach for them. Thus they sat unloved in my drawers.

Cargo eyeshadows in Fiji and Cocoa bear

The two shades I own are:

  • Fiji is a beautiful taupe that leans to plum. It is quite similar to Satin Taupe, but creamier and more pigmented, which is quite unfortunate as I am letting Fiji go.
  • Cocoa Beach is a matte medium-dark cool toned brown. I look back in time and I cringe, as I used to do my brows with this dark shade. Not anymore, I have fortunately moved onto more appropriate products and shades.

Cargo’s eyeshadows come inside small flat tins and contain 3.5g, so they are quite generously sized. I would love to have these in pan form or in a container that I could depot.

2 thoughts on “Bye byes: Cargo eyeshadows

    1. I know, right? I guess that if you are a very minimalist person and you only have a few colours it is not a problem, but if you treasure all kinds of colours like me it can be quite frustrating


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