New: Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Collection

Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Collection


Since I first had news of this Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Collection (100€) being launched in time for the Holidays, I have been not so secretly coveting it.

I am weak, oh so weak, so December 2014 shall enter the annals of this blog as the month when I went brush mad and not only purchased the Wayne Goss brushes from my previous post, but this set as well.

I was in the market for a concealer brush, so I headed to my local Laura Mercier retailer thinking about getting the Secret Camouflage one. They did not have it in stock, so I asked them to order it for me. While I was waiting I kept glancing at the brush set and even petting the blush brush.

I went home, thought about it, and since the set included the concealer brush that I wanted and I had read some fantastic reviews about it (here ) it seemed only logical to get the set (the lies we tell ourselves!).

Even if I blew my budget, I cannot regret my purchase for these are marvelous brushes. I do not own the regular versions of these brushes, but mine feel dense and soft as you would expect your regular brushes to feel. They are supposed to have full size brush heads and travel sized handles. They have brown ferrules and handles. Also, the brushes come with a brush case with a removable mesh bag.

There are four synthetic brushes in this set:

LM Secret Camouflage, Cream Eye Colour and Flat Eye Liner brushes


  • Secret camouflage, is a pointed and flat concealer brush. I love it for spot concealing as well as applying my secret camouflage to my undereyes. The regular size price is 31€.
  • Creme eye colour, is a flat paddle shaped brush which is ideal to apply concealer or work with cream eyeshadows. Regular price 33€.
  • Flat eye liner, a flat and thin brush, perfect for tightlining and drawing a precise liner by pushing gel eyeliner onto the roots of your lashes. Regular price 30€.
LM Angled Eye Liner brush


  • Angled eye liner, an angled round brush, designed to facilitate drawing on the eyes. Regular price 22€.

There are also four brushes with natural bristles:

LM Smudge, Pony tail and Eye crease brushes


  • Smudge, it is a small paddle shaped brush. It has firm yet soft bristles, which according to Nordstrom are a blend of pony and blue squirrel hair. Regular price 28€
  • Pony tail, fluffy and tapered medium-sized brush. Makeupwithdrawal states that this brush is made of blue squirrel, while Nordstrom has it as a synthetic brush (it isn’t). Regular price 39€.
  • Eye crease, firm and slightly pointed brush. Nordstrom has it as a blue squirrel brush. Regular price 34€.
LM Cheek colour brush


  • Cheek colour, flat paddle-shaped and very soft brush. Nordstrom has it classified as a blue squirrel brush. Regular price 54€.

As an aside, I will never understand why a brand has such lovely brushes and yet commercialises a brush cleanser full of alcohol! If you had to base your purchases by the brushes used at the shop you would never buy one they are so scratchy!




4 thoughts on “New: Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Collection

    1. I use the MUS solid soap and it is very nice and convenient, but I am keeping most of my natural hair brushes away from those alcohol based brush cleansers! Honestly it puzzles me! All brands offer them!


  1. That final picture of the cheek brush had me oohing and aahing. I have few brushes, and the majority of the ones that I do have are from Costco, so I definitely need to start venturing into the world of quality brushes.


    1. I love brushes, so I can be a bad influence on you if you want! hehe
      Now seriously, I started with Coastal scents, and moved onto Sigma, Kiko, MAC and beyond, and the truth is that they really do make your application smoother,easier and quicker! Plus my skin is on the sensitive side, so I prefer softer brushes that will not potentialy irritate it. So, in my opinion, if I was going to end buying in the more expensive range, I should have started there and not spent the money in the cheaper ones!
      If you fancy new brushes that have a good quality vs price relation, check out Zoeva. I have a few eye brushes and they are good 😉


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