New MAC brushes: 221 and 137


MAC brush 221 and MAC brush 137

I can resist anything except temptation

Oscar Wilde

If the witty Oscar Wilde had had the (mis)fortune of meeting me, he might have changed that phrase onto “She can resist anything except brushes”.

When I entered my local MAC Store to have a look at the MAC So beauty collection, my eyes were immediately drawn towards these two beauties.


MAC 222 vs MAC 221

In the case of the MAC 221 (24€) it was as if the MAC thinking heads had been having a look inside my mind.

For a long time now I had thought (and I am sure that I was not the only one) that it was a pity that there was not a small blending brush in MAC’s line-up. I could do a diffused single eyeshadow sweep with the 224 or more intense one with the 217; but even the discontinued 222 felt a bit like Gulliver faced with the Liliputians when it came to crease work.

And now here it was, within reach of my grabby hands, the most wonderful detailed tapered blending blush!

Sigma E35, MAC 222, Zoeva Luxe Defined Crease, MAC 221, Wayne Goss 04, Wayne Goss 03

 If you compare it to other eye brushes, you will see that this one is special due to its small size, its compact and cylindrical shape and its tapered head.

Basically, it was the shape that I was missing!

As for the brush itself, it is a dream to work with: the white goat bristles are firm yet soft and they can get right into the crease without disturbing your lid or browbone colours. Fantastic to intensify colours!

Wayne Goss Holiday brush, Wayne Goss 02, MAC 137, Sensai cheek

And when it comes to the MAC 137 (50€), it still feels like something that I have been wanting for a long time.

I tend to prefer a flat paddle blush brush, the Sensai being my favourite to date. I have been also enjoying the novelty in shapes that the Wayne Goss brushes brought. But the new MAC? I had been wanting a trully fluffy brush for a while now!

It has white (very soft) goat bristles and they are quite flexible. This means that you achieve a very diffused application.  It is also quite pointed so you can still control where you apply this diffused wash of colour.

All in all, I could not be happier with the two new members of my brush family. The only downside is that these two brushes appear to be limited edition items. I even may or may not had been considering getting a second 221 before they are gone!

So, have you got any new brushes in your life?


5 thoughts on “New MAC brushes: 221 and 137

  1. OOO these two look interesting indeed! I don’t think I have anything remotely similar to them in my stash! I haven’t bought new brushes for a while, but I am tempted to look into the Rae Morris line. To the detriment of my wallet, I realized yesterday that the line is actually available to me on Beauty Bay!

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      1. I love it when you discover something amazing. I’ve been like that with my Charlotte tilbury lipstick and liner xx

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