Promising you the moon: Healgel


HealGel Intensive is a well known product that I decided to try after reading various online reviews.

It is a clear gel that is said to have been developed by doctors and it is supposed to “soothe, repair and protect”. All in all, a miracle in a bottle kind of product.


While it is true that I have not used it for as long or as frequently as they recommend, it is also true that I have seen little effect on my skin, so I was discouraged.

I was initially very interested in the claims that it reduces scarring as I have some scars caused by acne. Another positive selling point was that it did not contain oils as I have oily skin.

I have tried to use it all over my face and also as a spot treatment, and I cannot confirm that it has had any significant effect. Even if I do not touch a spot it will go away and depuff in the end, so, is it really the effect of the gel?

I might give it another try, but as for now, it has not exactly blown me away. I will definitely finish the bottle as I am not about to throw away the 45€ that this 30 mL product cost me.

6 thoughts on “Promising you the moon: Healgel

  1. The best thing for any type of scar is bio oil. It won’t work instantly but if you use daily for a month you’ll notice them fading. I had a scar on my hand and it’s completely gone x


  2. Thank you so much for the post, I was also very curious about this product but I was put off by the price and claims. I don’t think any creams are miraculous!
    I’d also suggest you Pai Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil, it’s great for regenerating the skin and soothing redness and breakouts. I loved that it was an oil that worked on my oily skin!
    Ingrid www. ingridhughes .com


    1. The funny thing is that even my mother recommded rosehip oil to me in my teens! It seems that I will have to bow to general wisdom and get some 😉 And yeah, hearing that you are happy with it and you also have oily skin is a good recommendation


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