New: L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds


Let me introduce you to my latest fail when it comes to resisting a red lipstick, and I failed in a big way as I came home with the complete range of these beautiful bold lipsticks inspired by different actresses that are the L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds.

L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds

When I saw news online about the launch of these I thought I might grab one or two (like I did in past launches of the L’Oréal Exclusive range), but I simply could not resist the selection of colours, specially since many of them lean pink and I think those kinds of reds suit me better.

L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds

In this corner of the world L’Oréal has released six shades  (around 14€ each) which are:

  • Freida’s Pure red: is an almost fuchsia. The bullet looks redder than it is. Similar to MAC’s Full Fuchsia.
  • Doutzen’s Pure red: is a reddish orange, leaning more brick red than coral. It needs two to three coats for full opacity. The bullet looks redder than it is.
  • Julianne’s Pure red: it’s suposed to be a tomato red. On me it pulls slightly pink.
  • Blake’s Pure red: a blue-based red. It is slightly bluer than MAC’s Ruby Woo, but with a more forgiving formula.
  • J Lo’s Pure red: a darker blue-based red.
  • Laetitia’s Pure red: a burgundy red. Bluer than MAC’s All Out Gorgeous
Swatches of L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds (Laetitia at the top and Freida at the bottom)

The packaging has changed a little since the last Collection Exclusive launch and this time it has a slight engraving that imitates leather. Nevertheless, it is rigid matte black plastic with accents in gold, quite lightweight. All in all, it is quite elegant looking.

This are very nice matte (this new mattes that have kind of a satin finish) lipsticks as they are not stiff upon application and one could say slightly creamy. The scent is somewhat fruity, as if you were given fruit flavored sweets. Once they set, they are very smooth and bold shades that make you feel like taking on the world.

Conclusion? Even if I did not need more reds, I love them!

11 thoughts on “New: L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds

  1. This range is such a good idea, if you’re not sure which red suits you just pick one from the celeb who has a similar complexion to you. Great post. Zoe, zoebeautyblog xx


      1. Haha of course! 👍 They obv decided they were onto a winner with the nudes range. If you like reds check out my ‘red dress red lips’ post, I’ve got a lovely Lancome one on there which I love and it’s only a little freebee one xx

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      2. Pffft I LOVE reds! If you know the Muji drawers, I have one that is full of reds and I am starting to layer a second row! Though all nice reds are always welcome, so I might have to check that post 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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