Spotlight on: my depoted Mineralize products

Dome Z-palette with baked items

As part of the decluttering project I am carrying out, I decided to depot my mineralize products. As was the case with my regular eyeshadows and blushes, trying to find a specific shade was time consuming and the products ended not being used as much.

Also, in the case of the Mineralize Eyeshadows, I don’t like the product so far, so by depoting them and keeping them visible I am trying to force myself to use them.

The only products I have not depoted are my Minerlize Skinfinishes, as I would simply need several palettes to contain them!

As the Mineralize products are dome shaped as opposed to the flat surface of regular formulas, I had to buy a Z-palette high enough that could contain them, the Dome Palette.

Mac Mineralize Blushes

The top row contains 4 limited edition blushes: Amber Glow, Petal Power, Talk of the Town and Lavish Living.

On the other hand, the bottom row contains 4 MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows and 1 Kiko Baked Eyeshadow. The MAC eyeshadows are all limited edition items and are Fireside, Tropica, Time to Tango and Dare to Bare. The Kiko eyeshadow is part of the permanent range and is number 111 Gold/Mat black.

The brand notwithstanding, all baked products are “cooked” on a terracotta pan instead of being poured into a metal pan. For this reason, it is necessary to adhere the metal stickers that come with the palette to the pans so that they will magnetize.

Mac Mineralize Eyeshadows

As a rule, baked products tend to be light reflective as they may contain different glitter particles or reflective minerals. Also, they tend to be veined products, where many products are not a uniform shade but composed of different shades. Some combinations are stunning to look at!

Have you got baked makeup? What are your thoughts on it?

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