Mac store visit

MAC Studio Moisture Tint and MAC Lightful serum

In a recent visit to my Mac store, I went in with a plan and I stuck to it, which is always a good thing when you are confronted with plenty of pretty things.

MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Light

This summer I attended a Mac Masterclass where the latest summer trends were shown. During the session, I explained my eternal problem with trying to find a foundation that I like and that my skin likes as well and the MUA suggested I try their tinted moisturizer, the Studio Mositure Tint. I have really enjoyed it, but it soon became apparent that Medium dark was not my shade even in summer (I’m NC20 in summer). So the first point in my attack plan was to get the tinted moisturizer in Light so I can mix them and adapt it to my current skin tone.

MAC Lightful Serum

Also, when Mac discontinued their previous Brightening Serum, I switched to their Lightful Serum. It is a lightweight serum that is quickly absorbed into your skin and its continued use helps erase the little discolourations on your skin. Beautypedia classified it as Good, with the inclusion of fragrance keeping it from earning a Best classification, so I am confident in its efficacy. I have been enjoying this product as well, so I went to replenish that gap in my beauty routine.

MAC Ruby Woo

And finally, I had a few empties and wanted to take advantage of Mac’s B2M recycling program (1 lippie for every 6 containers). I am slowly taking advantage of this program to get those tempting permanent shades that usually get ignored in favour of the latest limited edition beauty. Being a red lipstick lover, I choose Ruby Woo as the one that would get to come home with me. Ruby Woo is a matte blue-red lipstick that has become one of MAC’s iconic lipsticks. It is quite stiff upon application, but it lasts for many hours with little to no fading.

Mission report: successful, no casualties.

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