Disapointments: Make Up Store Egg sponge

MUS Egg sponge

After the launch of the Beauty Blender Micro Mini (17€ for two sponges), the sponge designed to reach all corners and blend flawlessly your concealer, I decided to give the similar Make Up Store Egg sponge (8€) a try.

As you can see  in the picture below, it is not as small as the Micro Mini. Where the Micro Mini is barely half the lenght of a dry Beauty Blender, the Egg sponge is almost as long but quite thinner. It is a black sponge with the MUS’s logo in white and two pointed ends, which I thought would be very useful.

MUG Egg sponge, dry Beauty Blender, wet Beauty Blender

However, it is not the size that made this sponge a disappointment, but the material it is made of!

It is a very dense and maybe even hard material and does not change size when you wet it. If you try to squeeze it there is hardly any give in it so it makes for a very uncomfortable application of product.

Imagine trying to blend your concealer with an eraser? Well it is not that far off!

Needless to say, it does not blend at all and has become a disappointment.

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