New: Wayne Goss’ The Collection and the Holiday Brush

Wayne Goss brushes in their packaging


To see you in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff
It’s Friday
I’m in love

Yes, I am in love today, as the song by The Cure says, as I’ve had a couple days to play with my Wayne Goss brushes and they must be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! I’m even going to go as far as confessing to doing my face more than once in a day just so I could use them again.

Why have I bought so many low and medium quality brushes? Why have I wasted so much money instead of simply buying the quality brushes I’ve always longed for for starters? Who knows, but not I’ve seen the error of my ways.

So, once I breathed deeply and knew that I was really going to do this, the little devil on my shoulder said “Why buy only the Holiday Brush when you’ve always wanted The Collection? And look! They are offering free shipping!”. So yeah, I caved and took the plunge. Now I am the enraptured owner of these nine gorgeous brushes that feel like a dream and perform effortlessly.

Wayne Goss The Collection

All of the brushes came securely and prettily wrapped in loads of tissue paper and The Collection came in a cardboard container tube that I am loving. In fact I am keeping them in there to protect them from dust.

The Collection (210$) consists of brushes 01 to 08, from the biggest to the tiniest. They have black slick looking handles and black ferrules. It must be said that their handles are shorter than those from other brands, but I really like shorter handles, so no complaints from me!



Brush 01 is a duo-fibre foundation brush made of goat hair and synthetic fibres. Its shape is like my Dior Full Coverage Foundation Brush, so it is a round, slanted and flat top brush. This brush is meant to be used with cream and liquid products.

Brush 02 is a blue squirrel brush which is round and has long bristles. It is slightly tapered to a point. This brush is a small face brush when compared with the usual blush or bronzer brushes, but I think it is quite a multipurpose brush just for this fact: you may apply many powders such as blush, bronzer, contour, highlighter and even a wash of colour all over your eye lid!

Wayne Goss brushes 03, 04, 05 and 06


Brushes 03, 04 and 05 are like those cute little three kids dressed in matching clothes. The three brushes are made of blue squirrel and have the same type of round shape with long bristles that end in a tapered point, the difference of course being the length of the bristles and the size of the round shape. Perhaps it is because of this difference that the 03 is the one with the more flexible bristles while number 05 has the least give. Number 03 would thus be our blender brush while numbers 04 and 05 would be ideal for crease work and other detailed work.

Brush 06 is a blue squirrel flat blending blush that reminds me of Mac’s 217. Its soft and flexible bristles end in a round shape and you can use it either to blend powders or to place them. I feel that this one is going to be used quite a bit!

Wayne Goss brushes 07 and 08


Brush 07 is a small smudger brush, with slightly rounded edges, that contains firmer yet still gentle bristles. This is is ideal to smudge your eyeliner or any other purposes that need a firmer detail brush (eyebrows, detail work, …).

Brush 08 is the tiniest of them all. It is a flat and squared brush with firmer bristles that works wonders when tight-linning or even doing a thin and delicate cat eye.

Wayne Goss Holiday Brush


The other product that I ordered was the Holiday Brush (85$), which is a big round and tapered brush with goat bristles. It is meant to be used all over the face or even for more precise application thanks to its tampered point. In the case of this brush it is a limited edition brush and it is the biggest designed by Wayne Goss to date. All I can say is that there are a couple of scratchier brushes in my collection that will be sidelined after the arrival of the Holiday Brush.

Finally, in my package I also received some brush care instructions and a clothe make up bag from Beautylish. The brush care instructions follow the same lines that other Japanese brush manufacturers give: wipe with a tissue after using it. Wash with a gentle soap occasionally.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, so what about you? Are you into brushes? Which ones do you treasure?

 PS: you can find more exhaustive information chez the Queen of Brushes or on Wayne Goss’ youtube channel.

2 thoughts on “New: Wayne Goss’ The Collection and the Holiday Brush

    1. I’ve been a long time follower of Wayne and I have drooled over his brush videos, so keeping in mind his love for good craftmanship, I knew they had to be good. It is great to be able to corroborate that when you have them in your hands though!


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