Claire’s mini sponge

Claire’s haul

I recently visited Claire’s, originally because I wanted to check out their rings, and ended coming home with this small beauty accessories haul.

This review is about the Mini Blending Sponges that I bought. When I saw them, they immediately reminded me of the new mini Beauty Blenders that were launched not that long ago, so as they were very affordable I decided to give them a try. What if I was about to find a good dupe? I simply could not not pick them up!

Claire’s Mini Blending Sponges

I was very excited to try them out when I got home.

Each clear box (5,95€) contains 3 of these mini pink sponges which could mean that I could use one or two for concealer and carry one in my make up bag for touch ups.

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Disapointments: Make Up Store Egg sponge

MUS Egg sponge

After the launch of the Beauty Blender Micro Mini (17€ for two sponges), the sponge designed to reach all corners and blend flawlessly your concealer, I decided to give the similar Make Up Store Egg sponge (8€) a try.

As you can see  in the picture below, it is not as small as the Micro Mini. Where the Micro Mini is barely half the lenght of a dry Beauty Blender, the Egg sponge is almost as long but quite thinner. It is a black sponge with the MUS’s logo in white and two pointed ends, which I thought would be very useful.

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