New: Make Up Store Microshadows

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Make Up Store Boheme, Watt and Fade

Make Up Store is a Swedish brand that has been expanding their presence to many countries around the world.

I am lucky enough to have a store where I live and I frequently pop by: they release small collections every month which are always worth checking out and my store has always products that are being discontinued on sale, which is always a temptation.

MUS 1 3
Make Up Store Boheme, Watt and Fade

In the case of these 3 eyeshadows, Boheme is a medium plum while Watt is a deep purple with blue and pink shimmer and Fade is an original medium blue. Keep in mind that the pans of these eyeshadows are quite big as each one contains 3.5g! I am not sure if I will ever be able to finish one of these.

MUS 1 4
Make Up Store Boheme, Watt and Fade

Boheme is simply a gorgeous matte pinkish plum from the permanent collection which retails for 13€. Make Up Store has many shimmer shades to choose from, but their mattes, hidden among them, are also worth checking out.

Watt is a recent release as it was part of the September 2014 Scream collection. In this case, this consists of a deep purple base with gorgeous pink and blue shimmer added.

Finally, Fade was one of the discontinued shades (evident by the old style packaging) still available at the store, so I was able to snatch it at 9.10€. Not bad, right? It is a difficult shade to describe. In the pan it looks like a grey-blue that slightly leans to petrol blue, but once swatched a beautiful baby blue metallic finish is revealed.

Do you know the brand? Have you tried any of their products?

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