The quixotesque quest

quest 1 1

In my last post I introduced you to a Belle & Makeup shadow, Romantic pink 91, that while gorgeous didn’t really have the quality I look for in make up.

So as I have been known to do before, I grabbed the pan and paid a visit to my two most visited make up stores.

First I went to Make Up Store and had no luck in there in finding a close enough dupe for it.

quest 1 2

Then I went to MAC and asked the MUAs for help in my quest. Fortunately, it was lunch hour and they had no other customers! It is not the first time that I ask for help with strange requests and I am glad to say that they have always been so sweet with me.

Finally, we found a close enough dupe (smaller pan). It is Star Violet, a veluxe pearl shadow that has similar rose-plum tones with a bit of bronze. Hurray! As the original’s performance was more than lacking I was really happy to find a close enough dupe. Furthermore, I can tweak MAC’s eyeshadow by layering on top of a brown or bronze base and this way it resembles even more the original shadow with none of the fallout and fading that I had been suffering.

What about you? Have you ever fallen in love with a product just to be disapointed with its quality? Have you looked for dupes across different brands?

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