MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour: Dance with me and Recollection

MAC liquid retromattes
MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Dance with me and Recollection

When it was announced that MAC would be getting onto the liquid lipstick trend that has been going strong now for a while, I was really excited. The Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours promised to be some fun products to play with.

So, when they were launched I descended on my local store looking for a couple pretties to get back home. They launched 15 shades that go from nude to bold, but I grabbed a classic red and a bold purple; they are permanent afterall!

I really like the packaging; it has a classical looking cap, but a clear bottom in order to see the shade you are reaching for. The applicator is also nice, a felt tip that is soft and firm and it comes to a point which is really handy in order to get a clean application.

What about the formula? WOW! It is super pigmented! When you apply it it feels a tiny bit oily, but it sets quite quickly onto a matte finish that won’t budge at all. Don’t even try taking this away with a cotton pad and some micellar water, you will need a two phase make up remover or an oil/balm.

Also, as with all matte liquid lipsticks, the formula can be drying, so it is always advisable to prep your lips accordingly with a good balm.

Dance with me
MAC Dance with me

Dance with me: it is a deep blue based red. A very classical red that immediately reminds you of pinup girls.

MAC Recollection

Recollection: it is an intense dark violet. At first it applies more like a purple, but as it dries down it leans more fuchsia and it ends being a dark violet.

MAC Retromattes swatches
Swatches of Dance with me and Recollection

In the picture above you can see these two colours swatched on my arm. Look how opaque they are!

If you don’t have a very steady hand, I would advise tracing the contour of your lips with a lipliner so you can simply follow the lines with the lipstick.

All in all, I am really happy with my purchase. These are insanely pigmented, do not transfer and you will have to trouble if you have a drink (not so much with a meal). They sound perfect for work, honestly! And the purple even matches my uniform shirt! Do you think my supervisor will mind if I show up with purple lips regularly?


5 thoughts on “MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour: Dance with me and Recollection

    1. They are fantastic! I can already see myself getting one or two more. I was not kidding, these would be perfect for work: 8 hours straight but I drink a lot of water. With more creamy lipsticks my lipstick can move after having drunk three or four times. Not nice when dealing with customers 😉


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