It is a question of bows




Here is my little bow collection for you to peruse.

The fact is that I started growing my hair two years ago after several years of having it really really short. I think there were times when it did not even qualify as a pixie cut so you get the idea.

Now, growing your hair is a pain in the a***! There are all kinds of intermediate states were hair is difficult to tame and is not long enough to put in a ponytail.

Then is when my bow collection started! I simply needed something nicer than having 20 bobby pins on my head.

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New: hair ornaments

Have you already planned your new year’s eve look?

If you are like me and totally nul at anything hair related, you might want to consider some hair accessories as a way of sprucing up your look.

The cute option

Star-shaped bobby pins

You can do something easy with your hair and just add a bit of shine. Do you make a decent bun? Add some decorated bobby pins to the hairdo. Are your plates the stuff of legends? You might want to intersect some reflective strands.

My option is to either pull my hair in a neat ponytail or secure it in a bun and use these star shaped bobby pins. It is an easy solution and cheap as well. Plus you can use them again whenever you want.

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