Bazaar findings

Eyebrow razor, cotton swabs and a glass mini bowl


I love to enter those bazaar stores where you can find anything and everything. I love walking down their crowded aisles and trying to find a bargain or something that I could use (not always for its original intended purpose!).

Many times I will find small containers or household items, or things that I can use at work (right now I am working with children), but it is also true that sometimes you can fing some hidden beauty gems!

 In this occasion I came home with an eyebrow razor, some pointed cotton swabs and a glass mini bowl.

Right now I use a Make Up Store eyebrow razor and comb gadget, but honestly, at 0.75€ each, I’d rather take the bazaar ones!

In my country you don’t find pointed cotton swabs very frequently, so when I saw these (and at only 0.90€) I grabbed a box. Perfect to clean little mistakes and to reach all kinds of corners.

Finally, I have had the idea of a mixing palette in my mind for quite a while. But while I was in the store I saw this little glass bowl and thought that this could work as well! I have used quite a few times already and I really like it; I used to mix my foundations on the back of my hand but this is more convenient and cleaner.

What about you? Any little treasures found in the cheap stores?

Inspiration: DIY, the beauty edition


DIYitis. It is quite a common ailment among bloggers that involves getting reacquainted with all kinds of tools, sharp objects and glues that one thought had stayed in one’s childhood. We are always looking for new ways to organize our make up, to store our brushes, to mix shades or to take photographs of said make up.

I, for one, am not immune to this ailment, so it is not unheard of to find me browsing many a crafty post or blog. Recently I bookmarked a few that I think could be really helpful:

  • Makeup and Beauty Blog had this fantastic post on how to turn paper bags onto storage solutions for your drawers.
  • After loving the canister my Wayne Goss brushes came in, I found ideas here and here on how to repurpose other types of canisters. Craft project in the near future!

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