Shopping the stash

Z-Palette with my small colour eyeshadows

As I have said previously, I have been going through my make up to discard those products that I do not use and find them a new home.

Another strategy in consolidating my stash is to depot and place the products in free-form palettes.

In my case, I have been depoting anything and everything and I have been then placing them in Z-palettes. This not only helps when organizing your belongings but it also helps to know what you already own. In my case, for some strange reason I feel drawn to blue eyeshadows despite that I do not wear it that often!

The palette featured in this post contains my small sized coloured eyeshadows, which contains mainly MAC eyeshadows (both permanent and limited edition) and 4 Make Up Store Cybershadows.

The Cybershadows have a metallic finish and are exactly the same size as a mac eyeshadow and contain 2g of product. This eyeshadows cost 12€, but you can find the discontinued ones for 8.40€ each.

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How to: clean make up brushes

MAC Brush cleanser and MUS Brush cleansing soap

Makeup brushes are a weakness of mine. So nice, and fluffy and soft and they can help you so so much with makeup application…

It all started when I was a teenager and needed to do my face for dancing performances. One day I wandered into The Body Shop (which was the revolutionary store during my teens) and went home with a few of their brushes (including a sponge applicator, which started my longlife hate of sponge applicators!).

Since then, many years have passed and I have branched onto different brands. I have also become more demanding and I am slowly adding more high-end brushes.

Originally I had no clue on how to properly take care of my utensils, but in this area I have also learnt some tips.

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Staples: Make Up Store Brush cleansing soap

Make Up Store Brush cleansing soap

Let me introduce you to the Make Up Store Brush cleansing soap, a gentle soap that will clean deeply your brushes and not damage the hair.

In fact, I am so happy with this soap that this is the second soap that I have bought. The soap contains 120 g and costs 16€, and in my case lasted over a year. The soap comes inside a plastic box, which I think is a wonderful idea as it is the perfect way of storing it between uses.

Make Up Store Brush cleansing soap

The soap is formulated with common cleansing agents and several oils and conditioning agents. It does contain parfum, but it is a very clean smell and not overpowering. What I think is important is that it does not contain alcohol, which is a drying agent.

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New: Make Up Store Microshadows

MUS 1 1
Make Up Store Boheme, Watt and Fade

Make Up Store is a Swedish brand that has been expanding their presence to many countries around the world.

I am lucky enough to have a store where I live and I frequently pop by: they release small collections every month which are always worth checking out and my store has always products that are being discontinued on sale, which is always a temptation.

MUS 1 3
Make Up Store Boheme, Watt and Fade

In the case of these 3 eyeshadows, Boheme is a medium plum while Watt is a deep purple with blue and pink shimmer and Fade is an original medium blue. Keep in mind that the pans of these eyeshadows are quite big as each one contains 3.5g! I am not sure if I will ever be able to finish one of these.

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