Hello from the other side

Life is what happens when you’re making other plans

Hi to those who are still hanging in there, and thank you from this side of the screen for your patience.

The quote above could not be more appropriate if I tried! Since last summer my life has changed a bit, including a brief moment when I had two jobs and I studied as well. Yeah, that is the big change in my life: I went back to uni! Perhaps it was due to the fact that celebrating my 30th anniversary felt odd (me? 30? are you sure?!), but I decided to finally tackle on those translation studies that I had been dreaming of. So yeah, in a few years I will officially be a translator. How cool is that?

Even with the new demands on my time I still missed the excitement about new launches, new posts and discovering new tricks of the beauty trade, so I have slowly been inching my way back. The easiest was to start once more posting on Instagram, as it is fun and I simply had to take a pic with my mobile. Below you can find some of the photographs that I have had fun taking.

So the plan is to stick to a reasonable schedule and just enjoy the experience without being driven mad! Afterall, make up for me is all about fun.

Welcome back!


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