Sunday Summary vol. 7

Sunday Summary


And here we are, as another week has flown away! I sometimes truly have the feeling that time slips through my fingers like sand. I am already stressing over what to do once the season is over: holidays, visit family, study…

In any case, today I have completed my #rainbowchallenge on instagram. This colour themed series of posts has been lots of fun to prepare as I have gone through my stash and rediscovered some old loves. And call me vain if you want, but I think it has beautified my grid! 😉

While we are on the topic of instagram, I have recently started following makeupmouse. So creative! I specially like this crying glitter look here.

On the same social network I discovered that there is a brand out there that does Harry Potter nail plates! Gorgeous nail art here as an example. And yes, I too am still waiting for my letter to arrive almost 20 years late.

Finally, I was very interested in a series of short videos and photographs on the process of creating make up brushes that fudejapan shared. The skill involved amazes me! I also really like the chance to glimpse everyday scenes of such a different country and culture.

On other brush news, I was very excited for the announcement that Beautylish is going to sell some exclusive Chikuhodo brushes very soon. It will be the Sakura collection. I was excited that is until I remembered that Beautylish does not ship to my country and I checked my bank account. Ouch!

And finally, I was intrigued by The Beauty Department’s post on alternative brush cleaners. I am not totally convinced though, the circular gadget looks as if it would be a bit too rough on my more expensive brushes.

PS: I am planning on improving the categories and tags this coming week as soon I will celebrate my 100th post!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary vol. 7

  1. Hello Tirurit,

    If I may interject my opinion, the Chikuhodo Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush is amazing and worth every dollar. Sadly, the prices do go up once they ship overseas.

    Congratulations on 100 posts–that is quite an accomplishment.



    1. I have had my eyes on the Z line for some time now!

      I got the Wayne Goss brushes on xmas and I had the bad luck of having my parcel stopped at customs and having to pay 40% of the cost in taxes D: They are still worth it though!

      Not yet posted the 100, but it will be very soon and I want to renovate a few things to celebrate 😉


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