MAC Pencilled in…

Mac Heroine, Chic Trick, Edge to Edge and I Get No Kick


… plus an Eye Kohl from the Mac is Beauty collection.

I had sworn I was done with the Mac is Beauty collection when I wandered into the store looking for Heroine lip liner and not only did I leave the store with the lip liner, but two more and a khol! No one will believe that they just appeared in my bag, right?

Well, seeing as how all four pencils found a new home chez moi, let me tell you my opinion on them and why I picked them up. So let’s start this review on the Pencilled in Lip Liners and Mac is Beauty Eye Kohl.

Mac I Get No Kick, Edge to Edge, Chic Trick and Heroine

The Mac collection Pencilled in was a collection composed exclusively of lip products in a multitude of shades. I wasn’t in a hurry to explore them as they are meant to be additions to the permanent line, but then I heard that Heroine lip liner was the only one that would not be permanent and I decided to go pick it up.

Fool! Of course I came home with Heroine, Edge to Edge and Chic Trick.

Mac’s lipliners are quite nice. They are not too soft and not too hard, so there is no hard tugging on your lips. I love this middle ground texture as it allows you to draw your lips quite precisely. How comfortable they feel on your lips depends of course on your lips.

Mac Edge to Edge, Heroine, Chic Trick and I Get No Kick

Edge to Edge is a blue based pink that on me leans mauve. Very pretty and I picked it up intending to wear it on its own.

Heroine is the pencil version of the Heroine lipstick. It’s a bright purple.

Chic Trick is gorgeous hibiscus pink. On my skin it looks corally. I also bought it to wear it on its own

Mac I Get No Kick, Edge to Edge, Heroine and Chic Trick

And there I was holding my three pencils and refusing to watch the rest in case I caved when the oh so solicitous mua asked me ‘Have you tried this pale champagne liner? It’s perfect to bring some light to inner corners’.

Why would I listen?

So I picked up it up and rushed to the cashier before something else would find its way onto my hands.

I Get No Kick is a beautiful pale metallic champagne shade. This is my first Eye Kohl, so I have no consolidated opinion on the formula yet.

And you? Do you often wear lip liner? Do you use them as lipstick as I do? Have you tried the Eye Kohls?


6 thoughts on “MAC Pencilled in…

  1. I love wearing lip liners by themselves..only thing they should be creamy enough and not drying and tugging..I have quite a few MAC lip liners and they are good quality..currently loving Half Red..its gorgeous muted red with brown undertones


    1. Yes, I look for the same in a lip liner. I have a couple gorgeous liners that I hardly ever wear because they tugg :X

      Haven’t tried Half Red, will have to check it out. Thanks for the rec!


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