First purchases from the Essie Professional line

Essie Buy me a cameo, Chinchilly and Lapis of luxury

When I recently saw that at my local store that caters to the beauty industry professionals they were putting a new Essie display, I was immediately interested.

Once I asked the sales assistants, I discovered that this was not the regular Essie line that they would be displaying, but the Essie Professional Application line.

After a bit of google fu, I did find that L’Oreal does have both Essie and Essie Professional as brands. Also, I was told by the girls at the store that these Essie nailpolishes have some differences when it comes to formula, brush, number of shades available and production site when compared to the retail Essie nailpolishes.

My interest was certainly picked, so I went and chose these three colours as my first Essie Professional products.


Essie Buy me a cameo, Chinchilly and Lapis of luxury

They come in the regular glass nailpolish bottles, but while the retail Essie has the names on the white caps, these have it on the bottoms. Also, you might be able to distinguish some white lettering on the side of the bottle. While the retail Essie simply says Essie, these say Professional Application.


Essie Buy me a cameo, Chinchilly and Lapis of luxury



Buy me a cameo is a gorgeous metallic pink almost rose gold shade. However, as is the case with many metallic nail polishes, strokes can be visible upon application.

Chinchilly is a beautiful greige, that elusive colour that seems to pop up now and again in the world of nails.

Lapis of luxury is a stunning bluish lavender shade. I have been wearing it to work and I felt stylish while put together. The only down side is that two coats can still be a bit translucent so it is best to apply three.

Have you tried any of these shades?


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