Sunday Summary vol. 4


Here it is again, my summary of the week already on its 4th edition and featuring make up inspiration, application tips and jewlery.

If last week I was loving the inspiration that came from looks involving blue, this week I loved this stunning look that combines black and a metallic red. The author of the look told me that that red was a pigment by tammytanuka who has an etsy shop worth checking out if you love sparkly and duochrome eye shadows at very intersting prices.

I have also found very interesting this article on how to apply mascara depending on your eye shape. I have already been applying more mascara on the outer corners of my eyes instinctively to visually lift and elongate my eyes 😉

This week, for some strange coincidence I have chatted about concealer and also read posts about concealers. It felt like concealer week!

Lisa Eldridge posted this video on how to get flawless skin and how to pinpoint conceal. I loved that she mentioned the importance of having a small enough brush to conceal just the tiny imperfections instead of slapping concealer everywhere. I also love how she makes it look so easy and effortless, you just want to give it a try as soon as the video is finished. I did and I still fail majorly at pinpoint concealing but I will keep working on it!

Let’s just say that I love Lisa’s videos and she is my beauty crush. She could make a video on how to make microwave pop corn and I would watch it enraptured, loving how articulate she is and how natural she is at explaining things.

Bloomingrouge had a post along the same lines of “don’t pile it”. She focused on covering redness without looking like you are wearing a mask. Since I too have a bit of redness on my nose and mouth, it amused me that we both had a similar experience with green primers and concealers and that we now prefer on yellow tinted primers.

I don’t have bruises to cover, but this post by Sharon explaining how to cover them might be very useful for those days when your dark circles just want to annoy you by being very purple.

As an addendum, if you follow my instagram feed you might have seen me drooling over some gorgeous earrings and bracelet by Gas Bijoux. Absolutely gorgeous! I NEED to get my hands on some of their products! Yep, I am a magpie 😉

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