Mac is Beauty lipsticks


These are the lipsticks I picked up from the Mac is Beauty collection. When I saw what the names of the lipsticks that I had picked were, I was amused. What must the planning meetings be like at Mac one wonders.


In the past, I would always have gone for the bright and opaque shades, but as I am trying to give a bit of variety to my lipstick collection this time I choose both a formula and a shade that I would not have chosen before.


Make Me Gorgeous is a wonderful addition to my corals. It is a gorgeous coral that leans pink in the Amplified formula. It has a sheen and very good opacity.

Diva-ish is also an Amplified lipstick. Even though I have quite a few bright pinks and fuchsias, I could not resist this bright darker intense fuchsia.


Catty is the lipstick that defies all my previous choices: it is in the sheerer Lustre finish and it is a light pastel pink! This is my step outside of my comfort zone. I can not say if it has been very successful as I have yet to wear it. There you go, all my good intentions wasted for now!

Call The Hairdresser! is perhaps my favourite. While it is also a sheerer Lustre lipstick, I find that this warm corally lipstick has become the perfect everyday shade. Very flattering!

It is very easy to spot what shades compose my comfort zone: corals, reds and fuchsias while I tend to shy away from pinks, lavenders and nudes.

What is your comfort zone? Do you dare step out of it?

11 thoughts on “Mac is Beauty lipsticks

  1. So pretty! Make Me Gorgeous was the only shade that really caught my eye, too. I think just about the only colours out of my comfort zone were babydoll pinks, browns, purples, and nudes… but now I own and wear all of those shades except for browns, so hey.

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  2. Diva-ish is my favorite of the bunch! It might even be a dark enough pink that I’d be comfortable enough to wear it. I also enjoy how it’s one of those colors that at first glance has you wondering if it’s red or if it’s pink. Call The Hairdresser! looks very much like MAC’s See Sheer, which is a favorite of mine.

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    1. Exactly! I have a couple red pinks or pinky reds from MAC and they are lovely! My first one was Love Goddess from the Marilyn collection and it was love at first sight! hehe

      Is See Sheer permanent? If so I know where to look for when Call The Hairdresser! is gone!


  3. Kudos for making an attempt to step out of your comfort zone! I am actually open to trying many things, but nude/pastel/milky lippies aren’t one of them LOL I still do that sometimes when I am sent a shade, but trust me when I say a lot of foot-dragging and sighing takes place before that happens! Out of the four Catty is probably the one shade I wouldn’t wear. I hope you’ll have better luck when you try it on!

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    1. Thank you!! Not that long ago I wore no lipstick at all as it never looked right on my face when I saw myself in a mirror. And for the longest time I would take off any red that I put on a minute after putting it on. I have made giant steps out of my comfort zone and I keep going 😉

      Yeah, Catty might be tricky but I am going to give it a try. Perhaps with a brownish blush? Fuchsia blush? We’ll see


  4. Hey! New reader here 🙂
    My comfort zone would be various shades of berry! I’m trying to steer myself towards lighter pinks and corals now. From these shades though, Make Me Gorgeous and Call the Hairdresser immediately stood out to me 🙂


    1. Welcome! Come in and have a seat. Something to drink? 😉
      Oooh berries are really nice as well! But good for you, trying to step out of our comfort zones is an adventure: we might run into shades that might not suit us that much but we might find hidden gems as well.

      Now I can say that I have worn Catty a couple times and while it is not a natural choice for me, I don’t see it as bizarre on me now.


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