Kiko Free Spirit Lips and Cheeks

Kiko Free Spirit Lips and Cheeks in 01 Hearty Peach and 04 Typical Dahlia


Let me introduce you to my picks from Kiko’s Modern Tribes collection.

Although there were some seriously nice offerings (go to Kiko’s website and drool over the powders’ packaging!) I choose to try two of their Free Spirit Lips and Cheeks pencils as I had yet to try one of these multipurpose type of pencils.


Kiko Free Spirit Lips and Cheeks in 01 Hearty Peach and 04 Typical Dahlia


They have six shades available, including a nice red, but I opted for the more neutral or natural shades. I usually go for the bright colours so I thought that a change would be nice.

The pencils are 8,90€ each and contain 4,5 g of product. Also, inside each box comes a jumbo pencil sharpener, which I thought was a nice touch on their part.

Kiko Free Spirit Lips and Cheeks in 01 Hearty Peach and 04 Typical Dahlia


01 Hearty Peach is a very nice peach colour that leans ever so slightly coral.

04 Typical Dahlia is a cool toned mid rose.



I really like that you can modulate the intensity of the colour depending on whether you apply one or two layers on your lips. What is more, there will be no tugging on your lips as the pencils are easy to apply and comfortable to wear

Also, as they are quite creamy, they can be nicely blended out and be used as a cheek colour. I would recommend, though, applying it by taping your fingers on your cheeks or by loading some product to a duo fibre brush for a better result. And once the colour sets it will not budge.

Very nice indeed Kiko!

6 thoughts on “Kiko Free Spirit Lips and Cheeks

    1. It is a great brand: not all products are excellent, but you get to try many different colours and textures and some of them are really really nice and I keep repurchasing them


  1. There are so few products that actually work on both the lips and the cheeks, so these do seem nicely done! I like both shades as well, although for the moment I’d most probably grab Hearty Peach 🙂


    1. Thank you! They are indeed really nice products and at really interesting prices.

      Well, Kiko have rapidly been expanding all over Europe and have now jumped onto the US. I bet that they will target other areas of the globe soon!


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