Sunday Summary vol.3


About shades of blue, make up lights, brushes and more.

Let’s start assuming that I can be a bit of an odd one. So when I tell you that my favourite colour is a very specific shade of blue, you will not be that surprised to hear that.

My favourite shade of blue is “azul añil”. Yep, that specific shade. I had to visit wikipedia to get the English translation, which is indigo. In many places of the mediterranian indigo has been used to add accents to the white washed houses. If you get the chance to visit Chefchaouen, in Morocco, do it, as the blue-rinsed houses create a stunning image.

Anyway, we digress! The thing is that as much as I love blue, it is not that easy to find blue-themed make up looks in a world of neutrals, so when I saw several this week I was really excited!

I really liked Linda Halberg’s Crying paint and Sandra Holmbom’s Blue Lagoon. I may never be able to recreate them but they sure make a statement! I also really liked the simplicity of this Navy and red look by Frida Skoglund that has that bright pop of blue that makes it special. And if I wanted to go more dramatical, there is always this look or this look that I saw on ABH’s instagram.

BTW, as an aside, can you believe that there is no word for teal in Spanish? I have tried many a dictionary and the best I get is “verde azulado”. The first time that I read an eyeshadow described as teal I did not know what they were talking about!

On other news, this week I read this post about a portable make up light. Isn’t it the greatest idea? I love that you can simply adhere it to your mirror and ta dah! Natural light on demand! I must get that!

If you love brushes or Zoeva or both, you might be interested in reading their brush guide here. I always find it interesting to learn what the intended use of a brush is and application tips.

I also watched a video on how to retouch your make up so that it looks as good as new! The video here is in Spanish, but it boils down to carefully pat some serum and moisturizer on your face and then set with translucent powder! I have yet to try it but it sounds like a life-saver.

And finally, this post here about how skincare and taking care of oneself helped someone deal with depression resonated deeply with me. I have been fine for a few years now, but I agree with many of the things that she wrote. And yeah, for me too dedicating time to myself helped a bit.

So, what are you up to this Sunday?

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