Sunday’s summary vol.2


Aaaah Sundays! That day of the week you get to walk the dog, read your book or paint your nails. Or do anything that it is that you do not have time for during the week. At least it is for many people. Me? I am one of those that works so that others enjoy their free time so it is indeed a rare Sunday that I get to have a free day.

Perhaps it is because today I was free to be lazy that this week’s summary is longer than I tend to.

In the “upcoming releases I am excited about” we have MAC’s Prolongwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation which hasn’t arrived yet to my store but should be arriving really soon.

Also, I loved the Ombre Matte cream eyeshadows that Clarins released a few months back, so I am really excited to hear that there will be three new Ombre Iridiscent LE shades (heard here).

Also, I am totally blaming Mostly Sunny and Colour Me Loud if I end picking anything from the Chanel upcoming collection. Their posts showcasing the collection are droolworthy and the products themselves look really nice indeed. I am really interested in the bronzer, the lipsticks and the nailpolishes.

Then, this week I have been nosing around Instagram more than other weeks. Sam from Pixiwoos made me laugh a few times, specially with this image hehe

I also found a few looks that I really like for an interesting use of shades and/or glitter. I thought that the use of glitter in this look was unusual yet gave a fairly common neutral eye a little something extra.

And finally, I also found a new blogger (to me) that I thought was intriguing. Harper and Harley is centred mainly in whole looks but I think it is a very aesthetically pleasing blog. She has such an elegant style that makes you forget that there is barely any colour in it! I am too scatterbrained to pull off something like that but it still is something that I can admire: well thought and put together!

So, what have you been up to today?

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