Back in business


First of all I must apologize.

My goals when I started this blog were to blog about things I used myself, to be truthful and to be regular. But like with all good intentions, they went the way of the dodo when faced with unexpected complications.  That was a big disappointment on my part, and it has been a bit of a struggle to get back onto this horse.

I am now asking you, dear readers, to give me another chance. I am going to be posting every other day now, as I have already started my second job, but I promise that I have been stashing quite a few things that have entered my home but that I have yet to try waiting for the chance to share them with you. There are a couple trips to MAC, a treasured Dior item, some indie make up and more. So no worries as for lack of inspiration!

I am going to be playing catch up, so I might be commenting on some of your old posts as well!