Loving Seche Vite

IMG_1282Ok, I know that I am eons late to the party, but I just recently discovered Seche Vite.

Before finding what has become a necessary step when I do my nails, I have used various clear top coats: from Essie to L’Oréal to Kiko. And while my nail lacker lasted longer than when I would wear it on its own, it is nothing compared to Seche Vite!

I am besotted. I confess it. I love how it makes my nail colour last longer without chipping and it also keeps my nails shiny for longer. And it also makes your nail polish dry faster? This is the result of a miraculous alignment of the planets!

I do not know what else to say to convince you to try it if you have not discovered this little treasure yet. Go get it!

Battiste: a miss

Batiste XXL Volume

As I like doing things in convoluted and mysterious ways, my first dry shampoo was not Batiste, but an Osis+ which I reviewed here.

So, when I saw this 50ml container of the famed Batiste on an online shop, I thought I would give it a try and take it with me on a trip. As you can imagine,  silly that I am, I came back with an intact bottle, so as I ran out of Osis+ I thought that I would finally give it a try.

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Back in business


First of all I must apologize.

My goals when I started this blog were to blog about things I used myself, to be truthful and to be regular. But like with all good intentions, they went the way of the dodo when faced with unexpected complications.  That was a big disappointment on my part, and it has been a bit of a struggle to get back onto this horse.

I am now asking you, dear readers, to give me another chance. I am going to be posting every other day now, as I have already started my second job, but I promise that I have been stashing quite a few things that have entered my home but that I have yet to try waiting for the chance to share them with you. There are a couple trips to MAC, a treasured Dior item, some indie make up and more. So no worries as for lack of inspiration!

I am going to be playing catch up, so I might be commenting on some of your old posts as well!