Byly cream deodorant

Byly deodorant


Depot lover that I am, would you be surprised to hear that I even decanted many of the products that I took with me for a trip to the Caribbean in February?

Due to our laughable flight connections during winter, we were flying with a low cost airline before embarking on the transatlantic flight. That means that I was packing as light as possible! It was not my first rodeo in this arena, but I had a new strategy this time: decant as many products as I could into the gazillion sample MAC containers that I have accumulated.

I had already planned which foundation, paint pot, concealer and even setting powder to put in the sample containers, but when I found this Byly cream deodorant in the supermarket I thought it was the best way of getting rid of yet another full size product! A couple of pots would serve me for the whole trip!

Byly deodorant


I must confess that I was also swayed by memories. When I first got into my teens, my mother gave me a Byly roll-on as my first deodorant. The memories of youth and naiveté!

However, when I finally flew to the Caribbean and started using the product I was sorely disappointed!

I cannot contradict its claim as being formulated for sensitive skin, however, the long lasting claim I can! It was as if I was not wearing deodorant at all, and let me tell you, in a humid and hot country you can find yourself in uncomfortable situations very quickly.

I ended buying a regular size roll-on deodorant at the resort’s shop, so there you go! I ended flying a full size deodorant back home (at the price I paid for it I was not leaving it behind!!!)

Have you tried any cream deodorants? What is your favourite application method?

2 thoughts on “Byly cream deodorant

  1. Hey, cream deodorant: that’s a new realm for me! Sorry to hear it under-performed tho. I stick to deodorant in stick or roll-on forms, and I don’t like very scented ones. I want people to smell my fragrance, not my deodorant!


    1. I have similar tastes: I tend to use roll-on deodorants and ones that simply have a fresh scent so that my parfume is not overpowered by it.

      And yeah, it had so much promise! All those trips that involve a plane and even to carry in a sample jar in your purse when you go to the beach or to work!!


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