Peggy Sage Crayon yeux jumbo in Or and Prune


Peggy Sage is a French brand that was recently introduced to a local store that catters mainly to professional hairdressers and beauticians.

So, nosy that I am, on a day when I went to buy my hair colour I had a quick look around at what Peggy Sage has to offer. Unfortunately, I have yet to encounter a stick or cream eyeshadow that does not catch my eye, so of course I picked up some of the shades and swatched them on the back of my hand.

And the result of playing around is that these two beauties came home with me.


There were some really nice colours, but I ended picking the ones that I didn’t have yet in my stash; Peggy Sage Crayon Yeux Jumbo in Or and Prune.

Or is a very interesting yellow gold while Prune is a gorgeous plum or aubergine colour.

Apart from them being new shades in my stash, I also loved how they set into a quite long-lasting finish. What also convinced me was how inexpensive they were!

Honestly, I have had in mind the idea of an eyelook combining both colours since I bought them! I will have to find an excuse to wear such vibrant shades.





6 thoughts on “Peggy Sage Crayon yeux jumbo in Or and Prune

  1. Great post! You could create a gorgeous plum smokey eye with the aubergine one! Just add a pop of the gold or another shimmer in the inside corner as a highlight and you’re good to go.xx

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